This week on The Bulletin, Russell Moore and Clarissa Moll welcome Michael Wear back to the show to discuss the GOP’s response to the guilty verdict for former president Donald Trump. Then, historian Kurt Piehler joins to acknowledge the 80th anniversary of D-Day and how World War II affected the Greatest Generation—who are quickly dwindling. Finally, we turn our eyes to the hunger crisis in Sudan amid a violent internal conflict, and ask Eugene Cho how Christians might respond to the need.

Today’s Guests:

Michael Wear is the founder, president, and CEO of the Center for Christianity and Public Life, a nonpartisan, nonprofit institution based in the nation’s capital with the mission to contend for the credibility of Christian resources in public life, for the public good. Michael is the author of The Spirit of Our Politics: Spiritual Formation and the Renovation of Public Life.

Kurt Piehler is a specialist in US history with an emphasis on the 20th century. Piehler is author of A Religious History of the American GI in World War II. As founding director (1994–1998) of the Rutgers Oral History Archives of World War II, Piehler has conducted over 200 interviews with veterans of this conflict. His televised lecture, “The War that Transformed a Generation,” which drew on the Rutgers Oral History Archives, appeared on the History Channel in 1997.

Eugene Cho is president/CEO of Bread for the World, a Christian advocacy organization urging US decision-makers to do all they can to pursue a world without hunger. Eugene is cochair of the US Nutrition CEO Council, the body of leaders from international NGOs encouraging the US government, civil society, corporations, and other stakeholders to make global nutrition expertise into law and policy. Prior to becoming president/CEO of Bread for the World, Eugene pastored a local church for nearly 30 years. He is also founder and visionary of One Day’s Wages.

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