Justin Giboney vividly remembers the moment he realized he needed to distinguish himself from the mainstream Democratic Party. As a delegate representing the 5th congressional district in Georgia, he took part in a voice-vote to remove the phrase “God-given” from the phrase “God-given rights” in the Democratic Party platform. “We voted on it by voice vote,” said Giboney. “It was so clear that the people who wanted it out were a lot more excited and a lot more energized than the people who wanted it in.”

For Giboney, creating the And Campaign was a way to formalize the inevitable realization that the truth lies somewhere in between party lines. It’s an attempt to fundamentally change the way Christians interact with politics, encouraging them to let biblical values, rather than party politics, lead their involvement in the national conversation.

While his goals are ambitious, Giboney understands this will take time. That’s why he’s settling in, demonstrating patience in his rhetorical strategy, and investing his time and vision in institutions like the And Campaign. Ultimately, Giboney is leaning into hope. He’s a happy advocate for politics done right.

On this episode of The Calling, Justin Giboney talked to CT’s Richard Clark about why he felt called to politics, when to speak up on social media, and the encouragement that keeps him going.

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