Doug Logan was running a barbershop in Patterson, New Jersey when he met Jesus. Doug, who is black, quickly married his girlfriend Angel, who is white. Within days, he was preaching on the streets to the homeless.

In the twenty-five years since, their interracial marriage has been a kind of proving ground for the experience of racial tensions that have come along with being black and Reformed, both in majority white and in majority non-white contexts. That included serving at a historic, majority-white Presbyterian church in Philadelphia and planting a church in Camden, New Jersey.

Now, Doug serves as the Associate Director of Acts 29 and the president of Grimké Seminary, where he hopes to equip more pastors like him to bring new expressions of Reformed theology to the urban context.

Listen in as he shares his story, his passion for the gospel, and his vision for racial reconciliation at the foot of the cross.

Produced by Mike Cosper

Edited by Mark Owens

Theme Song “Eden Was a Garden” by Roman Candle

Music by Roman Candle and Dan Phelps