Do you feel worn down? Are you tired? Musician Andrew Peterson gets it.

On this episode of The Russell Moore Show, Peterson and Moore talk about community, physical exhaustion, and the faith challenges that can arise during intense seasons of life. They discuss their common feeling that something is wrong with them that isn’t wrong with others and what it looks like to hold fast to the person of Jesus when that feeling gets loud. And they talk about the ways that God nourishes his people through friendship, art, and story.

Do we talk about why we’re lonely?
We do.
Does he discuss deconstruction?
He does.
Is there talk about how a garden could help the Bible comin’ through?
There is.
Is it good that you should listen here with us?
It is.
Is it Berry?
Is it Tolkien?
Is it a monastery trip under a fake name? Is it all this, is it all this, plus the Ryman and Jesus and pipes?
It is.


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