“Through reading, I can imagine situations that I ordinarily would never encounter.”

So says Russell Moore on this final episode of the year. All about books, the conversation between Russell and producer Ashley Hales covers everything from storytelling and genre to categorizing books and cultivating a love of reading in childhood.

Take a peek into Russell’s book clubs, learn more about his reading practices, and discover his favorite books of the year. Russell shares why he loves the books that made his list and shares how they influenced him.

Russell’s favorite books of 2022:

  1. Malcolm Guite, The Word within the Words
  2. Timothy Keller, Forgive
  3. Clarence Jordan, The Inconvenient Gospel
  4. Wendell Berry, How It Went
  5. Thomas S. Kidd, Thomas Jefferson
  6. Moisés Naim, The Revenge of Power
  7. Paul D. Miller,The Religion of American Greatness
  8. Fintan O’Toole,We Don’t Know Ourselves
  9. Stephen Bullivant, Nonverts
  10. Marc Eliot, The Hag
  11. Jay Wellons,All That Moves Us
  12. Jason M. Baxter, The Medieval Mind of C. S. Lewis
  13. Additional books, podcast episodes, and resources mentioned include:

Ashley Hales is the producer of The Russell Moore Show, founder of Willowbrae Institute, and an author. Find out more at aahales.com.

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