I am convinced that it’s not just an American Dream that has been consuming our lives. There’s actually an American gospel that’s hijacked our hearts.”

So says David Platt, pastor and author of three New York Times bestsellers, on today’s episode of The Russell Moore Show. Referencing his 2010 book Radical, Platt now believes that the core issues in American Christianity run even deeper than he thought they did. His new book, Don’t Hold Back, speaks to those issues.

On this episode, Platt and Moore talk about the unique contexts of the various regions of America where they have ministered, including the political climate of Washington, DC, where Platt now pastors. They talk about the ethos of the prosperity gospel, chasing success, and what biblical parenting looks like. And they talk about how Scripture’s description of how to live according to the belief that we are all called to do justice and love mercy.

Resources discussed during this episode include:

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