“What can people do about the fact that things are so tense with their families, especially when it comes to politics?”

This is one of the pressing questions that Russell Moore poses to Jon Ward, chief national correspondent for Yahoo News. A longtime political reporter, Ward has observed the relationship between religion and politics in America. His new book , Testimony: Inside the Evangelical Movement That Failed a Generation chronicles Ward’s upbringing in, and eventual separation from, a well-known church that emerged at the intersection of Pentecostalism, the church-growth movement, the Jesus Movement, and the New Calvinism.

On this episode, Ward and Moore talk about what it’s like to look back on the church experiences of their earlier years and notice the political manifestations they hadn’t seen as young people. They talk about the ways various evangelical movements engaged society, the role of social media, and whether or not institutionalism is the answer to cultural problems. And they talk about what it looks like to maintain meaningful connections with family members when political differences threaten to break relationships.

Tune in for a conversation that is full of honesty and insight, not only into the state of American faith and politics today but also how we got here.

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