One might think working as a CNN anchor and chief Washington correspondent would have Jake Tapper spending his spare minutes doing anything but working with words. His recently published third novel, All the Demons Are Here, would beg to differ.

On a new episode of The Russell Moore Show, Moore asks Tapper how he manages his time and talents. They discuss Tapper’s political thrillers, his curiosity about eras of disillusionment and mistrust of power, and his interest in the role of showmanship in politics. Moore and Tapper’s conversation covers the ways that recent political history has been stranger than fiction, the effect of information silos, and how Tapper’s Judaism helps him look at multiple viewpoints. They talk about how to be a sophisticated consumer of news, how Tapper keeps from giving himself over to the sensational, and the importance of a wise inner circle.

Tune in for a meaningful discussion of American faith and politics.

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