A few years ago, the faith community Russell Moore loved—and the country he respected—seemed to be becoming unrecognizable. As Moore looked at his surroundings, a metaphor from The Lord of the Rings came to mind. Had the Shire, the place he loved and believed to be home, really been the evil realm of Mordor all along?

On this episode of The Russell Moore Show, CT director of podcasts Mike Cosper interviews Moore about his new book, Losing Our Religion: An Altar Call for Evangelical America. Moore talks about changes in the political landscape, church culture, and his own life over the past decade. He and Cosper discuss deconstruction, the difference between losing faith and losing religion, and how misogyny can become intertwined with poor theology. Their conversation also covers tribalism, Christendom in America, and how to respond to cynicism or despair.

Turn up the volume for a rich conversation filled with humility, discernment, and wisdom for living hopefully in a broken world. And tune in to the next several episodes as Moore hosts specific conversations with exciting guests about navigating the Christian faith in confusing times.

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Grab a copy of Russell’s new title, Losing Our Religion: An Altar Call for Evangelical America, here! If you’re able, join us for a live event hosted by Beth Moore in Houston on August 9. Click here for details.

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