Part of the beauty of America is that we all have roots in all kinds of parts of the world, and we bring that cultural richness—and the aspect of cultural diversity—with us to this country.”

So says Yascha Mounk on this episode of The Russell Moore Show. Of course, differences can also incite conflict that harms both individuals and society as a whole. Mounk, an expert on issues in liberal democracy, discusses these parallel truths with Moore through the lens of Mounk’s new book, The Identity Trap: A Story of Ideas and Power in Our Time.

Mounk and Moore talk about the “spiral of radicalization” the United States finds itself in today. They consider the role of political parties, institutions, and perspectives on race in shaping our cultural moment. Their conversation dives into sexual orientation, gender identity, and marriage, as well as pedagogy, theology, and social psychology.

Tune in for a thoughtful dialogue that spans issues of discrimination, justice, and the power of influence in our daily lives.

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