Season two of Steadfast will center on patience and endurance, themes Sandra painstakingly experienced and highlighted in her newest record Patient Kingdom.

Jay and Katherine Wolf’s calling is to encourage families through difficult seasons of suffering. This work began in 2007 when Katherine survived a catastrophic stroke a few months after giving birth to her first child. Miraculously, she survived. After a 16-hour brain surgery, 40 days in the ICU, a year in neuro rehab, and 11 operations, she continues her recovery to this day.

This experience started the family on a lifelong journey to be advocates for others affected by disabilities. In 2016, the Wolfs started dreaming up Hope Heals camp, which offers resources, rest, and relationships for families affected by disabilities. Before the pandemic, Sandra joined them at this camp and saw firsthand how patience is the essential thread tying together their lives and work. Jay and Katherine released their book Suffer Strong in February of 2020.

Steadfast is a production of Sandra McCracken in partnership with Christianity Today.

Produced by Sandra McCracken, Leslie Eiler Thompson

Written by Leslie Eiler Thompson

Edited by Andrew Osenga

Mastered by Mike Cosper

Music by Sandra McCracken