In this episode, Heather and Danté discuss something we often forget, that just as we have changed, we need to make room for others to grow and change too. Danté is open about the progression of his beliefs, and how he, as a Black man, has said things in the past about the Black experience that he regrets. Black literature was a major part of Danté’s faith and growth experience, which is why his book is so heavily sourced by Black writers. He brings a passion to every conversation he enters, as well as an invitation to grow and learn together. You may not agree with everything he says, but you will be challenged and encouraged as you listen to Danté explain what it means to shout in the fire.

Guest Bio
Danté Stewart is a writer and speaker whose voice has been featured on CNN, The Washington Post, Christianity Today, Sojourners, The Witness: A Black Christian Collective, Comment Magazine, and more. He is the author of the book Shoutin’ in the Fire: An American Epistle.

Host Bio
Heather Thompson Day is an associate professor of communication at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. She is the author of seven books, including It’s Not Your Turn and Confessions of a Christian Wife. Reach out to Heather on Twitter @HeatherTDay and on Instagram @heatherthompsonday.

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