God has created men and women to be in partnership for His mission. Carolyn Custis James is on a mission to help women—regardless of age, location, or circumstance—to realize that we are all made to be God's image-bearers. She states that as His daughters, we are to “be warriors in the battle alongside the men.”

In this week's episode with Carolyn Custis James, you will learn about the “Blessed Alliance,” and why a Kingdom strategy is strengthened by women and men working together; how to listen to our calling about and taking action to make a difference; and why it's essential to ask the big question of “why” for our theology.

Biography of Guest

Carolyn Custis James is an advocate for women worldwide and an award-winning author. She specializes in strengthening relationships between men and women and writing about what it means to be a female follower of Jesus in a post-modern world. She serves as an adjunct faculty member at Missio Seminary in Philadelphia and is married to Frank James.

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