Plenty of people in our lives can burden us with expectations. Reach Records’ rapper, author, and preacher Trip Lee knows this all-to-well, as his childhood was painted by a strong family legacy. In this episode of the VOICES Where Ya From? podcast, Lee shares how his faith took him on an unexpected path, and how in the end, God’s plans for our lives are greater than anyone—including ourselves—can ever anticipate.

Guest Bio:

William Lee Barefield III, better known as Trip Lee, is a Reach Records’ rapper, author, and preacher. As a founding member of the 116 Clique, his Billboard-charting music has garnered him Dove nominations and a Stellar Award. He is also a husband and father of three children.

Notes & Quotes:

  • “The only things that mattered to me, for good or bad, was hip hop and Jesus.”
  • “The Gospel is still the power of God for salvation. Jesus is still King. And that is what my life is about.”
  • “We live in the real world, and Jesus has something to say to the real world.”

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