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By the way, we are NOT the Perfect Family
Bikes and Brownies
Penny's Prayers
One of Those Days . . .
Summer Reading and A Good and Perfect Gift Book Giveaway
What books are you reading this summer? (plus a chance to win a free copy of A Good and Perfect Gift)
If Moving Almost Killed the Cat...
I think the low point came when William spit at me...
Snapshots of the Season
Snapshots, in words but mostly photos, of life in the Becker family as tears turn, mostly, to smiles.
How a trip to Arkansas made me miss my messy life
I’m incredibly grateful for the break. And incredibly grateful to return to my messy, inefficient, bordering-on-chaotic, life of love.
Talking with Dennis Rainey About Parenting, Faith, and Down Syndrome
How a trip to Arkansas helped me get my life together... (plus an interview in two parts about parenting, disability, and faith)
Five Reasons I'm Glad My Husband Went Away for Twelve Days
I didn't yell at my children during the twelve days my husband was away. It was a miracle. Seriously.
Favorite Family Posts of 2013
My five favorite posts based upon life in our household in 2013
Is Life Unsatisfying? Augustine Says, ‘You Are Not Alone.’
Is Life Unsatisfying? Augustine Says, ‘You Are Not Alone.’
James K. A. Smith accompanies the church father on a journey through the human heart.
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