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When You Feel Sidelined by God
God knows the best position for you to play in life.
God Is Not Santa Claus
How the consumerist worldview affects the church.
How to Be Captured by God’s Glory
Five lessons from Nehemiah to find the life you are looking for.
A New Kind of Leader, Part 5
The world needs blessed leaders who care for and equip God’s flock.
How to Hold On When Everything Is Coming Apart
Remembering God’s love in the midst of deep trials.
Grace and More Grace
A look at the unfair mathematics of grace.
What’s God’s Will For My Life?
Finding true purpose starts with understanding your identity in Christ.
How Can We Have Hope When Everything Looks Hopeless?
How to rejoice in our sufferings by relying on God.
World Vision Flips the Script on Child Sponsorship
World Vision Flips the Script on Child Sponsorship
In the ministry’s first major innovation in seven decades, the children now do the choosing.
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