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Don't Declaw the Lion
Have we commercialized the Gospel, reducing its effectiveness?
What the Church Should Look Like
That's what I'd like to help us think about in this blog.
When You Feel Sidelined by God
God knows the best position for you to play in life.
The Other Brother
Lessons in grace from the prodigal’s brother.
Hurt People Hurt People
How to experience healing in Christ.
The Most Important Sermon You’ll Ever Preach
Pastors need the gospel, too.
Grace Is So Much More
Grace is fuel that empowers us to grow as God’s children.
Are You Ashamed of the Gospel?
There is power in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Grace and More Grace
A look at the unfair mathematics of grace.
More Than Forgiven
In Christ, we become the very righteousness of God himself.
Only Forgiveness Can Heal Us
The longer we hold on to unforgiveness, the longer we stay hurt.
We Are a People of Hope
Four reasons we can find hope in difficult circumstances.
How Can We Have Hope When Everything Looks Hopeless?
How to rejoice in our sufferings by relying on God.
Are We Guarding the Wrong Things?
We often miss the most important thing to defend.
Christ Becomes Our ‘Good Enough’
Jesus can transform you through the power of his love.
Seeing Red: A Picture of Grace
How God’s great grace blots out our sin.
All Good Things Must Come to an End
Every ending is a new beginning.
My Journey from Castro to Christ
My Journey from Castro to Christ
After fleeing Cuba, my family was barely surviving. Then a California church gave us a new lease on life.
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