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Instead of Building Your Platform, Build Your Character
Three Practices to Grow as a Leader.
Do We Have Discipleship Wrong?
Simply gathering Biblical facts won’t change the world.
Christ-less Christianity
Does our preaching and teaching cause people to focus more on themselves than on Jesus?
When You Feel Sidelined by God
God knows the best position for you to play in life.
Ask for a Towel, Not a Title
Developing servant-leaders in the local church.
Jesus, the Ultimate Team Captain
What the incarnation means for you.
It’s Not All About the Weekend
Three leadership insights that will make you a better pastor today.
Hurt People Hurt People
How to experience healing in Christ.
Don’t Waste Your Life Trying to Live Someone Else’s
David didn’t wear Saul’s armor and neither should you.
Are You Drifting into Danger?
Small steps can lead us far from Christ.
A New Kind of Leader, Part I
Learning to lead in love.
Did I Love You Well?
When we love like Christ, we make the world a better place.
Let the Gospel Defend Your Heart
Guard against ministry idolatry by preaching the gospel to yourself.
A Moment of Truth
How to unlock the key to discipleship.
Where Do You Find Refuge?
There is only one place to find true refuge and strength.
Constant Reminders
When we are reminded that we are not home yet, Jesus’ grace is sufficient.
The Six Cs of Life-Transformative Preaching
There’s a massive difference between being a great communicator and being a great communicator of the gospel.
Are We Guarding the Wrong Things?
We often miss the most important thing to defend.
What Do You Do When You Are in a Storm?
Three things to remember when the waters get rough.
Christ Becomes Our ‘Good Enough’
Jesus can transform you through the power of his love.
My Journey from Castro to Christ
My Journey from Castro to Christ
After fleeing Cuba, my family was barely surviving. Then a California church gave us a new lease on life.
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