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Clothing in Church: Why It MattersSubscriber Access Only
Like everything else in creation, what we wear can either glorify—or dishonor—God and others.
How 'Modest Is Hottest' Is Hurting Christian WomenSubscriber Access Only
What the phrase communicates about female sexuality and bodies.
The Rhetoric of Chastity: Making Abstinence SexySubscriber Access Only
Communications expert Christine Gardner reveals what makes abstinence campaigns work.
Modesty: Still Missing from the ChurchSubscriber Access Only
If our motivation is to look attractive at any cost with no consideration for others, there is a heart issue to confront.
Tiger Dads vs. Sexualized DaughtersSubscriber Access Only
Why one of our parental duties is to protect our children physically and spirituality by teaching them to be modest.
Resist the TSA?Subscriber Access Only
Observers discuss whether Christians should resist airport body scans and pat-downs.
New Limits on Religious FreedomSubscriber Access Only
Discussion: Should Christians support laws that ban Muslim women from wearing the face veil in public?
Burqa Watching in Great AmericaSubscriber Access Only
Some Muslim American women say wearing the burqa keeps others from objectifying them. But must women hide their bodies to be taken seriously?
Modesty: A Female-Only Virtue?Subscriber Access Only
Scripture suggests that modesty means more than keeping the right parts covered.
An Open Letter to ESPN the MagazineSubscriber Access Only
Regarding your plans to one-up Sports Illustrated with a "no-clothes" issue ...
A Becoming ModestySubscriber Access Only
A Sixth-Generation Mormon Meets a Born-Again Christian
A Sixth-Generation Mormon Meets a Born-Again Christian
He asked me how I knew my faith was true. I couldn’t give a compelling answer.
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