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Christ is the Answer to Our Race Problem
Three practical, public, and personal ways for the church to lead. The final guest post in our series on racial reconciliation, by Kyle Canty.
Why I Don’t Want My Child to be “Colorblind”
Four ways to see the beauty of the colorful world of people all around us. A guest post by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson.
Healing Begins Here
A summary of my blog series on racial reconciliation and the church.
God Hasn’t Given Up on Reconciliation
Some final thoughts, and a prayer, on how to respond when racial reconciliation seems hopeless.
Confession Leads to Reconciliation Leads to Community
An interview with Mae Elise Cannon and Soong-Chan Rah about their new book, Forgive Us.
My Son's First Brush with Racism
A Small Talk guest post by Helen Lee
Three Months After Michael Brown's Death in Ferguson, Missouri
An interview with local pastor and professor Michael Higgins
A White Cop and a Black Lady
Talking After Ferguson, Hands Down, a guest post by Patricia Raybon
Dear White Brothers and Sisters: Why #BlackLivesMatter Matters to You
Eric Garner and Tamir Rice did not deserve to die. A guest post by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson.
Harmony on Earth
On MLK Day, Rethinking Racial Integration
Why I Wish Selma Had Won Best Picture
Even without awards, this movie has the power to transform.
Nine Favorite Posts from Thin Places
The best of faith, family, disability, and culture as I say goodbye to blogging.
The Most Diverse Movement in History
The Most Diverse Movement in History
Christianity has been a multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic movement since its inception.
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