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Penny's Prayers
The Problem with Religion
The Book I'm Giving Away This Christmas (an excerpt from Karen Swallow Prior's Booked)
An excerpt (and book giveaway) with thoughts on disability, poetry, and faith from Karen Swallow Prior's gorgeous new memoir, Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me.
Why We Go to Church
I was irritated with my kids all through church and the entranced by them later that afternoon at the beach. So which one was the more spiritual experience?
Five Reasons I'm Glad My Husband Went Away for Twelve Days
I didn't yell at my children during the twelve days my husband was away. It was a miracle. Seriously.
What Are Your Anchors?
It took a 5:45 workout to get me back into decent physical shape. And it made me think about what I need to hold me in a place of spiritual health too.
Enough Time to Pray, Even as a Mother: An Interview with Micha Boyett
The author of Found talks about prayer, parenting, and grace
Why We Still Prophesy Hope
Why We Still Prophesy Hope
Bearing witness to our past and present reveals a relentless love in the face of evil.
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