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Gleanings: November 2018Subscriber Access Only
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our November issue).
MacArthur college put on probation. The Master's University and Seminary in southern California, founded by pastor John MacArthur, has been placed on probation.
Evangelism Is a Work of Social Justice
How critics can help us keep such social ministries vibrant.
Learning from History. Another critic, pastor John MacArthur, has expressed similar concerns, especially about evangelical engagement in justice issues.
John MacArthur's ‘Statement on Social Justice’ Is Aggravating Evangelicals
Christians are talking past each other once again. What's going on?
John MacArthur's 'Statement on Social Justice' Is Aggravating Evangelicals. Christians are talking past each other once again. What's going on? CT Editors
One-on-One with Keith Getty on Congregational Singing in the Global Church
The very act of congregational worship is a symbol of unity
When you put these two ingredients in the juicer, out comes modern hymns. John MacArthur once asked me, “Do you realize what a gift it was to be born Irish?
The Rise of Reformed CharismaticsSubscriber Access Only
A 21st-century global movement sets the Word on fire with gospel preaching and powerful spiritual gifts.
Cessationists, like Reformed heavyweight John MacArthur, accuse charismatics of being light on biblical truth, often elevating spiritual experience above sound doctrine.
Complementarians Issue New Manifesto on Gender Identity
CBMW’s Nashville Statement addresses shifting notions of sex and sexuality.
Initial signatories include many CBMW and ERLC leaders; pastors like JI Packer, Francis Chan, John MacArthur, and James MacDonald; and authors Rosaria Butterfield and
Keith and Kristyn Getty: Singing Isn’t Just for SundaySubscriber Access Only
Why congregational worship is a feast we prepare all week long.
I once asked John MacArthur, when we were visiting his church for a concert, if he had any advice for raising children. He said, “Fill your home with songs of the Lord.
Farewell, Jesus Junk? Christian Retail Finds a Deeper Purpose
With the closing of Family Christian, stores focus on curation and community involvement.
at Family Christian in Michigan about a decade ago, he noted how many books conflicted with each other on major theological points; one time, he shelved John MacArthur's critique of
Who Awaits the Messiah Most? MuslimsSubscriber Access Only
Islam and Christianity share Second Coming hopes. Can this be a bridge?
of rubble. Pastor John MacArthur, for example, echoed the theme while preaching on the end times during the early days of the Arab Spring. “The Bible's
Inside the Popular, Controversial Bethel ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Some visitors claim to be healed. Others claim to receive direct words from God. Is it 'real'--or dangerous?
At John MacArthur's 2013 Strange Fire conference, dedicated to exposing excesses of the charismatic movement, Phil Johnson said of Bethel, “There's so much nonsense coming out of
Thinking About Expository Preaching—Part 2
Expository preaching is the best, but not a biblically mandated, preaching approach
We can find support for this in an unlikely place, the Master's Seminary Journal from Masters Seminary (where John MacArthur serves as the Chancellor).
The Top 20 Most-Read Gleanings of 2015Subscriber Access Only
The 50 countries where it's most difficult to be a Christian, 'The Boy from Heaven' retracts his story, Elisabeth Elliot passes through gates of splendor, and more.
Alex Malarkey's mother, grandmother, and publisher weigh in on retraction of best-selling book; John MacArthur first raised concerns two years ago.
A New School Year Starts, and Many Seminarians Are Staying PutSubscriber Access Only
More students are choosing schools for geographical convenience rather than theological affinity, says seminary president.
admissions Sherri Brown. The Master's Seminary at John MacArthur's Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, reports the same. Half of its
What Mark Driscoll Told Brian Houston at Hillsong ConferenceSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Debate continues over how long pastoral restoration should take.
But an even greater problem is the lowering of standards to accommodate a leader's sin,” wrote pastor and author John MacArthur, assessing in the 1990s how to restore fallen pastors.
The 'Boy Who Came Back from Heaven' Retracts StorySubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Alex Malarkey's mother, grandmother, and publisher weigh in on retraction of best-selling book; John MacArthur first raised concerns two years ago.
(UPDATED) Alex Malarkey's mother, grandmother, and publisher weigh in on retraction of best-selling book; John MacArthur first raised concerns two years ago. Gleanings.
Beyoncé Vs. the BibleSubscriber Access Only
Was her sexy Grammy performance with Jay-Z actually good for marriage?
Sure, the word breast appears a time or two, but most of the language is rather veiled. Pastor and Bible scholar John MacArthur believes that the Song is intentionally vague.
Continualist Christians: The "Third" Wave of the Holy Spirit
Where did all these continualists come from?
One of the interesting results of the Strange Fire conference and book may be the point of John MacArthur's concern—the reaction shows that more and more evangelicals are, indeed
Gleanings: December 2013Subscriber Access Only
Important developments in the church and the world.
a decade of rapprochement between Christians who emphasize speaking in tongues and those who believe charismatic gifts ended in the early church, John MacArthur's Strange Fire
Morning Roundup 10/31/13
Women in Leadership; Strange Fire Book Review; Personal Worship
In Tom Schreiner's Gospel Coalition review, he's a cessationist who reviews the book with that in mind and reviews John MacArthur's book accordingly. John MacArthur.
11 Christian Book Promotions Gone Horribly WrongSubscriber Access Only
(Fake) tweets inspired by Mark Driscoll's behavior at the Strange Fire conference.
No one knows exactly what happened when Mark Driscoll arrived on John MacArthur's California church campus last Friday for the much-discussed Strange Fire conference.
How to Jump Back In to Bible Reading
How to Jump Back In to Bible Reading
Christian leaders have their own reasons for not reading Scripture.
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