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Bill Hybels Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Former Willow Creek Leaders
John and Nancy Ortberg, others confront megachurch with its own #MeToo moment. “The charges against me are false,” says Hybels of former friends’ “collusion.”
Image: Marc Gilgen / Willow Creek D/CH / Flickr. When the #MeToo movement arose this past fall, Willow Creek Community Church sprang into action.
John Adams’ Words 240 Years Later: A Faith Filter for the Church Today
The role of the “great Politician” can only be found in the person of Jesus Christ.
Perhaps it's that, as my dad likes to say, “We really do have two ears and one mouth for a reason,” and listening to the other side is the best plan of action.
Taste and See That the Lord’s Supper Is Good
A biblical understanding of food whets our appetite for the fullness of the Lord's Supper on Maundy Thursday.
As one Eucharistic prayer puts it, the bread and wine are “fruit of the earth and the work of human hands.” Bread and wine represent nature transformed into culture by human action.
Pray for the Peace of ‘the Jerusalem of the East’
From Eric Metaxas to Jim Wallis, 90 Christian leaders agree: President Trump’s and Kim Jong-un’s meeting needs prayer.
From Eric Metaxas to Jim Wallis, 90 Christian leaders agree: President Trump's and Kim Jong-un's meeting needs prayer.
30 Day Infusions to Be Better Followers of Christ
30 days and four essential practices
Then, pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to fill each of you as you take action. If we just hope that outreach will happen, we can plan to be disappointed. Good things rarely just happen.
Taylor University Still Shaken by Unsanctioned Conservative Newspaper
Controversy over the anonymous handout, “Excalibur,” has the campus pushing for public dialogue.
Controversy over the anonymous handout, “Excalibur,” has the campus pushing for public dialogue.
Patriotism and the Church: Is It Too Much to Ask Churches to Be Careful?
Anything that replaces the worship of God is idolatry.
historically—that we might want to consider? In light of the stats above, that seems like a pretty wise course of action. Ed Stetzer holds the Billy Graham
The Palms, the Temple, and the Nations
What made Jesus explode in the Temple on Monday is actually related to his Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday.
of hosanna? Did he do it so that we would have a nice liturgical action of palm-waving to entertain the kids on the verge of Eastertide? Immediately following
My Stance on Refugees and Immigration, and How They Intersect with Christianity
I answer some frequently asked questions.
(However, note there has been no action on these safe zones since President Trump seemed to provide them as an alternative to refugee resettlement).
Weekend Edition - January 20, 2017
Rural churches, same-sex marriage, ICYMI, and church signs
they are expected to resign. We have a different name for IVCF's action: discipleship. Previously on The Exchange. Retraining Our Minds on the Things
Keeping the Sabbath Saved My Marriage, My Ministry, and Probably My Life
I used to think resting from work was selfish, until I considered the example of Jesus.
In our 24/7 world, I have never once seen someone accidentally keep a Sabbath. Sabbath is an action of great purpose, one that demands feisty intentionality.
Joni Eareckson Tada: Why Suicide Is Everybody’s Business
Society’s moral resolve hinges on the interdependence of the sick and the well.
I could tell by their answers that they felt society should take action to help hurting and dying people—some students insisting on life no matter how burdensome the treatment and a few
These Trump Advisers Want a Dreamers Deal Enough to Meet with Nancy Pelosi
Evangelicals join the push for protection for young immigrants.
Many evangelicals won't let partisan divides keep them from rallying for immigration reform, particularly the urgent push for congressional action to allow Dreamers—who entered the
One-on-One with the Authors of Participating in God’s Mission: A Theological Missiology for the Church in America
The church, God's mission, and the challenges of a changing culture
neighborhood. This is part of the work of learning a new grammar of local church life, one that is based on action learning—we behave our way into new thinking.
Weekend Edition—June 10, 2016
Politics, soccer, leadership, church signs and more!
accomplishes little. About those “20 Minutes of Action”: 20 Things We'd Better Tell Our Sons Right Now About Being Real Men—Ann Voskamp. My frustration
InterVarsity Back on Campus After Suing Wayne State
Michigan university had kicked out student ministry over requiring leaders to hold Christian beliefs.
“We reject any notion that we discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation in our fellowship,” the leaders of Harvard College Faith and Action stated.
Gandalf on the Quad
What The Lord of the Rings can teach Christian leaders in higher education (and elsewhere).
and king. In Tolkien's epic, Frodo and Sam together take on the role of priest of Middle-earth, putting into action Gandalf's prophetic advice. “From Aaron
3 Ways to Stay Sane This Easter Season
Yes, it's possible to relax during your busiest time of the year.
to the Father. And as a result, every action Jesus took was rooted in a place of deep rest and centeredness out of his relationship with God. A question
Pew: No Pope Francis ‘Effect’ Among US Christians
The pope remains popular, but hasn’t inspired people to join his church—or even roused Catholics to go to Mass more often.
Some said his most significant action was setting a good Christian example (9%), while others said it was his focus on helping the poor (8%) or being more accepting (9%). But a
‘Little Girls Need Their Daddy’
Billy Graham's children are thankful for their father; they just wish he'd been around more.
the campaign, helping Ike add “a religious note to some of his campaign speeches.” He also publicly criticized Truman's State Department for its “many blunders” (an action he later
Top Story April 24, 2018
Willow Creek Will Investigate New Allegations Against Bill Hybels
Willow Creek Promises Investigation Amid New Allegations Against Bill Hybels
“We are sorry,” elder board says as more women claim misconduct.
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