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Is Your Notion of Human Dignity Too Narrow?
Why “life issues” aren’t the only issues that pivot on what it means to bear God’s image.
He presents readers with a vision of how to understand such scenes and take meaningful action of its drawbacks, including how it “can often incentivize greed and leave many behind.”.
Remembering Bob Buford, the Christian Leader’s Leader
Rick Warren, Matt Chandler, and other Christian leaders share how the innovative Leadership Network founder influenced their ministries.
A businessman, philanthropist, management coach, and inspirational author, the late Bob Buford worked behind the scenes to build a legacy that quietly extends to some of the most
Bob Buford, Founder of Leadership Network and Halftime, Has Died: He Was a Catalyst that Fostered a Movement
Meet one of the most influential, but least known, church leaders: Bob Buford.
What you might not know is how that took place behind the scenes. Being behind the scenes was exactly the intended role—to be the platform and not the show.
NBC Resurrects ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’
How will Christians respond to the live production? The show’s history offers some clues.
However, behind-the-scenes featurettes and publicity materials have indicated that it will follow a live concert format, with minimalistic sets and an on-camera audience watching the
Gleanings: June 2018Subscriber Access Only
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our June issue).
A businessman-turned-ministry innovator and friend of management guru Peter Drucker, Buford worked behind the scenes to support leaders like Rick Warren, Tim Keller, Matt Chandler
Pew: White Evangelicals Want Stricter Gun Laws Too
Even America’s most gun-friendly religious group agrees with the rest of the nation on certain proposals to limit access.
“We've been actively reaching out to evangelical leaders, mostly behind the scenes, and are finding many that are distressed by our seemingly unrestrained enthusiasm for easy gun
On the Removal of Paige Patterson and Next Steps for the SBC
Hard times require honest conversations.
I did not write what I wrote three weeks ago to be in the media. I wrote it because someone needed say what so many were saying behind the scenes—for years.
Nigerian Christians Are Tired of Terror. Will They Fight Back?
How the church in Africa’s largest Christian—and Muslim—country is trying to emulate Christ in its response to unrelenting violence.
south, the country is home to some of the world's most vicious scenes of religious years, the community faces another enemy known as the Fulani herdsmen, the group behind the most
Paige Patterson and Doing the Right Thing for the SBC, Again
My heartfelt plea for the future reputation, and mission, of Southern Baptists.
that in 2018, if you are not on social media, you are not “speaking up.” However, social media quietness also happens because many leaders work in more behind-the-scenes ways to
Bill Hybels Resigns from Willow Creek
Megachurch pastor “accelerates” October retirement weeks after former colleagues went public with misconduct allegations.
De Vries said he's seen some contrition with Hybels behind the scenes. More is likely needed, he said. That's something he hopes Hybels's counselors and advisers will work on.
Sex Offenders Groom Churches Too
How predatory behavior goes undetected in congregations.
Show Dogs,” which included grooming behaviors, caused the studio to remove two scenes after the that are statistically likely to be in the pews, volunteering, and even behind the pulpit
A Bunch of Deleted Scenes Might Become Your Movie of the Year
Kirsten Johnson’s collection of arresting leftovers, ‘Cameraperson,’ is laden with meaning.
that comes up for almost any photographer: At what point should you step out from behind the camera and Are there any scenes that leave you puzzled about why she included them?
The Story Behind Trump’s Controversial Prayer Partner
What Paula White’s Washington moment implies for the prosperity gospel’s future.
Her behind-the-scenes counsel became news as Trump prepared for the presidency. It was White who arranged a meeting at the Trump Tower for fellow
Ministries Can Do Better Than Inclusion-Rider Diversity
Rather than wait for outside demands, faith-based organizations should proactively pursue representation as part of their mission.
The aims of the inclusion rider, in the context of the film industry, seem straightforward: to incorporate more diversity on screen and behind the scenes, thus promoting employment and
Bill Hybels Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Former Willow Creek Leaders
John and Nancy Ortberg, others confront megachurch with its own #MeToo moment. “The charges against me are false,” says Hybels of former friends’ “collusion.”
Creek's leadership summit. Since that time, Nancy Ortberg and others have continued to work behind the scenes to address the matter. The Ortbergs and
Behind the Scenes with Dwight Eisenhower, Billy Graham, and the Makers of American Civil ReligionSubscriber Access Only
Kevin Kruse shows the surprising origins of “In God We Trust” and other mainstays of public piety.
Behind the Scenes with Dwight Eisenhower, Billy Graham, and the Makers of American Civil Religion. Kevin Kruse shows the surprising origins of “In
Parents: Let Go of Graduation Nostalgia
The end of school invites retrospection. But we have something better to look forward to.
on further reflection, I think they convey a fundamental untruth: that the best of our lives lie behind us. if you'd told us that we'd find ourselves in some of the agonizing scenes that have
Died: Doug Coe, Humble Faith in the Halls of Power
His Fellowship is the force behind DC discipleship and the National Prayer Breakfast.
His Fellowship is the force behind DC discipleship and the National Prayer Breakfast.
Reflections on the Megachurch
Making and growing disciples is more important than butts in seats.
I can take no credit for the size of either church, but they remind me just how interesting the megachurch world is, behind the scenes. Which leads me to these reflections:
The Sacred Gift of Selfies
Craig Detweiler sees spiritual significance underneath the stereotypes.
self-promotion, can I enter into the isolation that may be gnawing at you behind it personal photographs to life in order to encourage audiences to immerse themselves in these scenes.
Top Story August 18, 2018
Will Sanctions Help Andrew Brunson More Than Hurt Turkish Christians?
Will Trump Sanctions Help Andrew Brunson More Than They Hurt Turkish Christians?
Religious freedom advocates consider if the need of the one outweighs the needs of the many.
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