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10 New or Lesser-Known Female Theologians Worth Knowing
More and more evangelical women are pursuing higher education in theology. Here are a few you haven’t heard of yet.
She's also attentive to the role cultural context plays in biblical interpretation and theology and has read widely in secular studies of race and ethnicity.”.
Nominate a Book for the 2019 Christianity Today Book Awards
Instructions for publishers.
Here are the awards categories: Apologetics/Evangelism; Biblical Studies; Children & Youth; Christian Living/ Discipleship; The Church/Pastoral Leadership;
Studying the Bible in the Ancient Languages [Theology for Life]
Dr. Graves is Professor of Biblical Studies at Wheaton College.
Dr. Graves is Professor of Biblical Studies at Wheaton College. |. Ed Stetzer. 0; tweet; share; email; print. Dr. Michael Graves is Armerding Professor of Biblical Studies at Wheaton College
Ripples of Faithfulness: Remembering Billy Graham
Dr. Greg MaGee shares his experience at a Graham Crusade as a young boy.
Here is such a tribute from Dr. Greg MaGee, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. View John Perkins' reflection here. View John C. Richards, Jr.
What Transgender People Need from Conservative Christians
We’ll never reach them with biblical truth without first understanding their experiences.
Says about Gender Identity by Andrew Walker, the director of policy studies at the discussion proposes an understanding of transgender experience that aligns with biblical teaching on
A Look at Notable 2017 Publications
TEDS President offers his annual list of best books
Lord of the Rings (InterVarsity) is both enjoyable and edifying. The Bible and Biblical Studies. Kudos to the entire translation and editorial teams at B&H
Embracing Our Transgender Neighbors on God’s Terms
We should seek their well-being—but also prepare for strong disagreement on what that entails.
He went on to graduate from Luther Seminary's master's program in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible Studies, winning that institution's 2014 John Milton Prize in Biblical and Pastoral Clarity.
Theology for Life with Darrell Bock and Michael Graves
Dr. Bock teaches at Dallas Seminary; Dr. Graves teaches at Wheaton College.
we can learn. Dr. Michael Graves is Armerding Professor of Biblical Studies at Wheaton College. What is Theology for Life? Read more. You can subscribe
The ‘Protestant Work Ethic’ Really Does Fight PovertySubscriber Access Only
How Christian discipleship affects household income.
And studies backed up Weber in finding connections between Protestantism and self-discipline, hard There is a healthy biblical balance to the Protestant ethic (see, for example, Col.
Church-Based Academic Partnerships—How the Church and the Academy Can Better Connect to Raise Up and Train
Students receive practical ministry training, in context, when church and academia partner.
Ed: You've mentioned Spiritual LIFE, Biblical DOCTRINE, and Ministry SKILLS. out of their academic training spiritually drained rather invigorated and sometimes their studies lead to
How Sunday School Sparked Revival in Egypt's Oldest Church
Inspired by Western missionaries, a humble Coptic cleric gave new life to the ancient church through education.
We have been impressed by their biblical fluency. Girgis began children's Bible studies in his central Cairo neighborhood of Fagallah and slowly branched out.
Responding to Moral Failure in Church Leaders
Christians and church leaders must listen, address real issues, take action, and bring judgment.
to do all we can to deal with grievances face to face and in a biblical manner (see and the author of the Organic Outreach trilogy of books and many other books, studies, and articles.
One-on-One with Jamie Aten on the New MA in Humanitarian & Disaster Leadership Program at Wheaton College
New master's degree seeks to prepare the next generation of humanitarian and disaster professionals.
best practices and cutting-edge research, but also in a solid biblical foundation that work, refugee care, homeland security-related fields, or even preparation for future doctoral studies.
Biblical Archaeology’s Top 10 Discoveries of 2017
A glimpse at the important excavation work revealed this year.
Biblical Archaeology's Top 10 Discoveries of 2017. International.
A Woman’s Guide to Seminary
Ministry is serious business. These 9 steps are key to pursuing your training.
Moreover, I was a Christian studies major at a liberal arts school who thought Although it depends on the school, most evangelical institutions offer biblical languages, church history
World Cup Evangelism Evades Russia’s Ban
Banned from sharing the gospel at games, Protestants adopt a new missionary strategy.
World Cup Evangelism Evades Russia's Ban. International.
Taylor University Still Shaken by Unsanctioned Conservative Newspaper
Controversy over the anonymous handout, “Excalibur,” has the campus pushing for public dialogue.
Controversy over the anonymous handout, “Excalibur,” has the campus pushing for public dialogue.
Our Hospitality Mandate (Part One)
What Does an Authentic Christian Reception of Syrian Refugees to the United States Look Like?
It is time to survey a biblical theological mandate of hospitality toward the stranger to apply to a Victoria Sielaff is a Ph.D. student in Intercultural Studies at the Assembly of God Seminary
Christianity Today’s 2018 Book AwardsSubscriber Access Only
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.
Biblical Studies. Reading Paul with the Reformers: Reconciling Old and New Perspectives. Stephen J. Chester (Eerdmans). “This is a much-needed and well-executed book.
Should the Lord’s Prayer Be Changed?
Experts weigh in on Pope Francis' recent support for changing the wording "lead us not into temptation."
people have a better understanding of what they mean—or should mean—when they pray this prayer.” ~Craig S. Keener, professor of biblical studies, Asbury Theological Seminary.
Top Story June 25, 2018
Spanning the Great Schism Between Evangelical and Orthodox Christians
Spanning the Great Schism Between Evangelical and Orthodox Christians
Efforts to unite Christianity’s branches bear fruit.
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