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Did George Whitefield Serve Two Masters?
A new biography helps us come to terms with the unsavory side of the great revivalist’s mission to America.
A new biography helps us come to terms with the unsavory side of the great revivalist's mission to America. Did George Whitefield Serve Two Masters?
Theology of the FutureSubscriber Access Only
Bible scholars, theologians, and philosophers used to work together. N.T. Wright believes they need to do so again.
NT Wright is professor of New Testament and early Christianity at St Mary's College in the University of St Andrews in Scotland. His latest book is Paul: A Biography (HarperOne, 2018).
Mr. Rogers Had a Dangerous SideSubscriber Access Only
Underneath the gentle smile and neighborly manner, he was driven by anger at the way the world treated children.
What makes Mr. Rogers worthy of a detailed biography is precisely how unique this strong sense of calling remains in our world, especially outside of traditional religious institutions or
When Great Writers Wrestle with Faith
Why have so many modern novelists and poets chased after (and fled from) God?
Each chapter begins with a brief biography, but key details are sometimes omitted (such as the writer's homeland), and the pages are littered with misprints and dated references.
Meet the Student-Professor Team Who Cracked Andrew Fuller’s Shorthand
Undergraduate Jonny Woods and theology professor Steve Holmes are the first to read Fuller’s sermons in 200 years.
I think the first time we met, he gave me a collection of the sermons, the “Confession of Faith,” kind of all the documents I needed alongside a biography of Fuller, so that I could try to
The Many Faces of Martin Luther
Herman Selderhuis’s biography proves that just about every adjective, good or bad, can apply to the great reformer.
Herman Selderhuis's biography proves that just about every adjective, good or bad, can apply to the great reformer. The Many Faces of Martin Luther.
Christianity Today’s 2019 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.
Thornbury takes us back to the roots of Christian rock music in this biography of Larry Norman, one of the genre's first major figures. History/Biography.
Madeleine L’Engle: ‘We Must Be Willing to Live by Paradox and Contradiction and Surprise’Subscriber Access Only
A new “spiritual biography” of the author of A Wrinkle in Time celebrates her refusal to be pigeonholed.
A new “spiritual biography” of the author of A Wrinkle in Time celebrates her refusal to be pigeonholed. Madeleine L'Engle: 'We Must Be Willing to Live
Remembering Lamin Sanneh, the World’s Leading Expert on Christianity and Islam in Africa
Scholars explain how a convert “summoned from the margins” of The Gambia became a legend at Yale Divinity School for his curiosity, joy, and deep insights.
with him. Jonathan Bonk, director of the Dictionary of African Christian Biography, Center for Global Christianity and Mission at Boston University: I first
Why Putting Christ Back in Christmas Is Not Enough
The history of American holiday cheer obscures the difficult details of the nativity narrative.
According to Bowler, in his book Santa Claus: A Biography, “The overwhelming ubiquity of these advertisements … ensured that no rival version of Santa could emerge in the North
David Dockery's Look at the Notable Books of 2018
A brief survey of some of this year's most significant Christian books.
A readable biography on Susannah Spurgeon, wife of Charles Spurgeon, has been authored by Ray Rhodes, Susie (Moody). Education and Collected Writings.
From Jim Elliot to John Allen Chau: The Missionary-Martyr Dilemma
The latest death on the mission field challenges the church to rethink a view of martyrdom as peak adventure.
Jim Elliot has become the most widely known of the five because his widow, Elisabeth Elliot, went on to write his biography, publish his edited journals, and forge a career as a writer
Reading the Reformation in 2017Subscriber Access Only
Historians are still finding new things to say about Martin Luther and his movement.
Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Roper's biography is her frank and insightful treatment of Luther's physicality, including his elemental sense of sin, flesh, and worldly impulses.
Joy Davidman: The Woman Who Wanted Something More
Patti Callahan uses historical fiction to trace the transformative journey of C. S. Lewis’s wife.
The genre of fictional biography must have been daunting. How did you set about the arduous task of representing two historical figures who inspire strong opinions? Daunting indeed!
Power in the PlateSubscriber Access Only
The history of our food speaks of injustice— and invites us to redemption.
Following methods of autoethnography and collective biography, each woman recorded the ways she felt the experience of getting to know others—the awkwardness, intimacy, tension
Which Came First, Christmas or Consumerism?
Judith Flanders teases out the surprising mix of religious and secular elements in many beloved holiday customs.
beloved holiday customs. Adam C. English| December 5, 2017. Image: United Collective / Lightstock. Christmas: A Biography Our Rating. Book Title Christmas
Dolly Parton: A Seeker and a Poor Sinful Creature
There’s more to the singer’s faith than sunshine and blessings.
recognizable and beloved everywhere. If iconic in the secular sense fits anyone today, it fits Dolly Parton. A Dual Biography. However, in his book The
Let’s Quit the Tug-of-War over Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Legacy
How the German martyr’s example has been used—and abused—in American public discourse.
pointed tone. Haynes writes that Metaxas' wildly popular, engaging biography of Bonhoeffer grabbed the academic Bonhoeffer guild by the collar. The
She Shaped Me: 10 Exemplars of Faith
Christian leaders reflect on the women from history who’ve influenced them.
When Vivian Mabuni read Carmichael's biography, A Chance to Die, as a new believer, she was struck by Carmichael's total relinquishment of everything to Jesus: “I found myself
David Foster Wallace Broke My Heart
Ten years after his suicide, I marvel at his genius but mourn the crushing burdens he carried.
Max's biography reports that Wallace threw a coffee table at her and once tried to push her from a moving car.) To another girlfriend, he gave a copy of CS Lewis's The Screwtape Letters
Top Story March 19, 2019
How Should Christians Respond to Christchurch Mosque Massacre?
How Should Christians Respond to Christchurch Mosque Massacre?
Eleven evangelical experts weigh in as death toll of New Zealand Muslims hits 50.
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