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The NavPress–Tyndale alliance could signal a new publishing normal.
But publishers also can make business-savvy decisions when The Prayer of Jabez (2001): Multnomah Books expanded significantly after went viral, Tyndale mostly spent money on one
Left Behind Series Puts Tyndale AheadSubscriber Access Only
Success leaves publisher wondering how to best steward the company's increase.
Tyndale has changed the way it does business. According to Taylor, the company yearly donates money to a long list of the series for Beliefnet and discussed the books with religion
No Longer Left BehindSubscriber Access Only
"An insider's look at how Christian books are agented, acquired, packaged, branded, and sold in today's marketplace."
Zondervan is a division of Rupert Murdoch's multinational News Corp. they'll be seen as makers of money and celebrity Books & Culture Corner: The Culture of EuphemismA dispatch
Top Story April 20, 2019
Why ‘Being Christian Without the Church’ Fails the Good Friday Test
Why ‘Being Christian Without the Church’ Fails the Good Friday Test
According to the gospel of John, the cross casts us into community.
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