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Colson Blasts 'Deep Throat'Subscriber Access Only
Christian statesman, former Nixon aide says leaks were unethical and unnecessary.
Guthrie, Christianity Today's senior associate news editor, interviewed Colson, a CT columnist, about his a just objective can sometimes be ethically justified—the classic standard being
Tablet Is 'Proof' for Jeremiah PassageSubscriber Access Only
Plus: A Ghanaian pastor's shocking magic trick, Time on Democrats' religious outreach, what to watch next in the Holsinger debate, and other stories from online sources around the world.
she uses it as an election tactic, she should not be allowed to alter classic Christian theology him to five years of probation over the wishes of the prosecutor (Stamford Advocate, Ct.);
The Alien MessiahSubscriber Access Only
Klaatu, the alien at the center of The Day the Earth Stood Still, is still very much a Christ figure in this remake, says director Scott Derrickson.
and pricey special effects—and it's a remake of a universally loved sci-fi classic, to boot Derrickson—who has often talked openly about his Christian faith—spoke to CT Movies about the
The RisingSubscriber Access Only
Classic rock
The Rising. Classic rock. Andy Argyrakis| January 1, 2003. "There's spirits above and behind me, faces gone black, eyes' burnin' bright/May their precious
Is God Exciting Enough?Subscriber Access Only
The author of Still Bored in a Culture of Entertainment says that increased stimulation has caused a deadness of soul. What can turn it around?
electronic entertainment. I went to see the new James Bond film the other day, and it's a classic example of how excitement begets more excitement. The
The Religious ReaganSubscriber Access Only
Spiritual influences on the president's life were strong and varied.
about evangelicals. (June 07, 2004). CT Classic: President Reagan and the Bible | He speaks out strongly for the importance of Scripture. (June 07, 2004).
Thomas à Kempis
Author of the most popular devotional classic
They were talking about Thomas à Kempis's The Imitation of Christ, the devotional classic that has been translated into over April Support our work. Subscribe to CT and get one year free
The Blessed Evangelical MarySubscriber Access Only
Why we shouldn't ignore her any longer
the virgin Mary as theotokos: or as historian Jaroslav Pelikan translated the classic theological word dean of Beeson Divinity School at Samford University and an executive editor of CT.
Compassionate in War, Christian in VisionSubscriber Access Only
The man behind the Geneva Conventions knew the heights of success and the depths of failure
The photos from Abu Ghraib prison made me want to read the classic international agreements about the treatment of prisoners in time of war, and I needed to write an editorial for
A Better StorytellerSubscriber Access Only
Donald Miller helps culturally conflicted evangelicals make peace with their faith.
know our creeds. And now self-help banalities—Your life can be wonderful— compete for our attention with the classic truths of the Christian story. In the
The Prodigal Who Didn’t Come HomeSubscriber Access Only
Why the President's "apology" misfired
presidential limousine. In writing up that interview (CT, Apr. 25 late August. A big-stick foreign policy has also been a classic ploy to boost presidential ratings. But
My Top 5 Books on ApologeticsSubscriber Access Only
is the finest apologist to come on the scene in 50 years, and this is his classic work for a Inside CT: A Six-Pack of Strobel's | I just discovered a six-pack I can endorse—and probably the
Classic & Contemporary Excerpts from January 10, 2000Subscriber Access Only
Your Calling
Classic & Contemporary Excerpts from January 10, 2000. Your Calling. January 10, 2000. The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet.
Reflections on ChristmasSubscriber Access Only
Classic and contemporary excerpts
Reflections on Christmas. Classic and contemporary excerpts. December 6, 1999. Sharon's Christmas Prayer. She was five, sure of the facts, and recited
Images of MissionSubscriber Access Only
Art and ministry in Picturing Christian Witness.
a different approach to the biblical text. He also reproduces works of classic and modern art to illustrate his points. "Images of mission are taken to be
BlacktopSubscriber Access Only
Sounds like … every other Glenn Kaiser Band album, combining classic rock and blues and evoking the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, ZZ Top, and Robert Cray.
The Back Page | Philip Yancey:Chess MasterSubscriber Access Only
God brings victory even from our bad moves.
I joined the chess club, and during lunch hour could be found sitting at a table with other nerds poring over books with titles like Classic King Pawn Openings.
The TerminalSubscriber Access Only
another Hanks film—Philadelphia), and driven to learn about a large and confusing world that is far from anything he's experienced before (echoing, yes, Hanks' classic comedy Big).
LETTERS: No Middle GroundSubscriber Access Only
CT is missing a valuable resource that its energetic readers provided in the readers' poll. Not only has it served as a guide to classic Christian reading--"Pilgrim's Progress," "Mere
Other Baghdad Battles Ahead for ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
Enemies include extortion and uncontrolled church growth
(March 21, 2003). CT Classic: Weeping over Baghdad | Desert Storm cost Iraq thousands of lives. At its conclusion, a Christianity Today editorial called
Top Story April 20, 2019
Why ‘Being Christian Without the Church’ Fails the Good Friday Test
Why ‘Being Christian Without the Church’ Fails the Good Friday Test
According to the gospel of John, the cross casts us into community.
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