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Walker Percy: The Hopeful Dystopian
The novelist’s darkly satirical lessons remain stubbornly relevant, no matter the news cycle.
Unlike writers of passing fame, a classic author speaks a new word in every generation. And like other classic authors, he'll clarify tomorrow's confusions as well.
Richard Foster: Effort Is Not the Opposite of GraceSubscriber Access Only
As he retires from public ministry, the ‘Celebration of Discipline’ author reflects on the heart of spiritual formation.
a ministry of speaking, writing, and teaching on spiritual formation and the classic spiritual disciplines of CT editor Kelli Trujillo sat down with Foster at his Colorado home to discuss how
God of the Second ShiftSubscriber Access Only
The theology of work conversation is thriving. Why are most workers missing from it?
from CT editors, delivered straight to your inbox! More Newsletters. Daily meaning or daily humiliations? Years ago, I started Denver Institute after reading Studs Terkel's 1971 classic
Pilgrim’s Progress: How Restlessness Leads Us to Jesus
Exile is part of the Christian experience. But our wandering is not without a destination.
Their practices are reflected in contemporary discipleship programs and other reiterations of classic spiritual disciplines intended to make space for the “God of peace” to “sanctify [us
Q&A: Jackie Hill Perry on ‘Bending Myself to Jesus’
A rap artist reflects on her latest album and what it means to walk away from the “vultures of culture.”
CT spoke with Hill Perry right before her due date to discuss the motivation for her latest Crescendo, I wanted to take the time to have interludes that include certain classic gospel songs
Make Worship Patriotic Again? The Top 10 Songs for Fourth of July Services
A look at America’s favorite God-and-country tunes, from Revolutionary War anthems to a Trump-inspired musical number.
At Sunday services this weekend, churches across the country will direct congregants to flip to the section of classic patriotic songs in their hymnals or display lyrics to more recent nation
‘Christopher Robin’ Is Childhood Revisited ... and Resold
The keepers of our nostalgia want to peddle it to us again and again.
I am grateful for loving, successful renderings of classic stories that have served as my gateway into hours of pleasure and the contemplation of important themes and ideas.
Parents: Let Go of Graduation Nostalgia
The end of school invites retrospection. But we have something better to look forward to.
Still, I felt like I was breaking a classic, unwritten rule of having a high school senior: Parents are supposed to be sentimental and even fraught, full of regret and given to ponderous
Christian Artists: Don’t Leave the Bible BehindSubscriber Access Only
Why a scriptural imagination is essential to the making and enjoying of art.
But what these dialogues need most, according to Duke Divinity School theologian Jeremy Begbie, is a firmer grounding in Scripture, the classic creeds, and a Trinitarian imagination.
What Are Christians to Make of Jordan Peterson?
An introduction to one of the most controversial public intellectuals of our time.
CT Editors | May 30, 2018. Image: Rene Johnston / Getty Images. In his videos, he analyzes classic and biblical texts, he eviscerates identity politics and political correctness and, most
What Transgender People Need from Conservative Christians
We’ll never reach them with biblical truth without first understanding their experiences.
More Newsletters. Free Newsletters. Get the best from CT editors, delivered straight to your inbox on popular websites like The Atlantic and National Geographic; and classic feminist texts
Don’t Roll Your Eyes at LiesSubscriber Access Only
If we're created in the image of Perfect Truth, then we can't keep speaking with the forked tongue of the Serpent.
Images. This morning, before I sat down to write, I took some time to respond to emails. This is a classic pattern of procrastination for me on a writing day. In
Imagining a Virtuous Capitalism
Free-market ideas grew in a religious and moral soil. We need to replant them there.
As the late Catholic writer Michael Novak wrote in his classic book, The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism, over 30 years ago, “Democratic capitalism is neither the Kingdom of God nor
6 Ways to Survive the Grief of Childlessness
In a time of loss and lament, here’s how I found spiritual solace.
They knew what it meant to cry out, to wrestle, and to bring their raw and unfiltered pain to the Lord. David, Hagar, Jeremiah, Job, Elizabeth, and Jesus are a few of the classic examples.
‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ Gets Cosmic Conflict Disturbingly Right
David Lynch’s cult-classic revival is exactly as imaginative—and as uncomfortable—as it always needed to be.
'Twin Peaks: The Return' Gets Cosmic Conflict Disturbingly Right. David Lynch's cult-classic revival is exactly as imaginative—and as uncomfortable—as it always needed to be.
Love Thy Neighbor as Mister Rogers Did
A new documentary shows how a gentle Presbyterian minister turned TV inside out.
timeless. Memory of Love. I spent most of the last half of Won't You Be My Neighbor? recalling JB Phillips's 1952 devotional classic, Your God Is Too Small.
Iranian American Minister: Why the Bible Belt Is the Perfect Place for Muslim Refugees
Samira Page sees the church mobilizing to serve Dallas’s influx of new neighbors.
Back then, Page had glimpses of the God of the Bible—a childhood dream of Mary that she could never forget, plus the Christian values gleaned from classic literature she read growing
Swipe Right for Jesus
How Tinder helped me come to terms with my evangelical identity.
prayer. In my earnest subversion of evangelical dating norms, I ended up embodying classic evangelicalism in as robust a form as I have ever practiced.
A Wrinkle in Heaven
Can the spiritual dimensions of reality be probed by science?
The film is, of course, based on the classic Newbery Award–winning children's novel written by Madeleine L'Engle, a committed Christian who drew heavily on her personal study of
How Will Hollywood Handle the Spiritual Themes in ‘A Wrinkle in Time?’
Fans of Madeleine L’Engle’s novel are wondering whether the film will do justice to the “cosmic questions” the book raises.
You've heard the buzz: A Wrinkle in Time, based on the classic children's book by Madeleine L'Engle (1918–2007), hits theaters this week as a $100 million Disney movie.
Top Story April 21, 2019
Love That Will Not Let Go
Love That Will Not Let Go
Mary Magdalene both clung to the risen Christ and went out to bear witness.
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