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The Legacy of Pilgrim’s Progress Is up for Grabs
By learning and creating, we embody Bunyan's work.
The Temptation of the Evangelical Mind
When words construct an empty faith, Pilgrim’s Progress asks, “What does truth require of me?”
Repent of Your Movie Snobbery
We need to consider messages of truth and beauty, even when imperfect.
How Pilgrim’s Progress Helps Us Die
In the midst of churning waters, Hope directs our gaze.
Pilgrim's Progress Isn't Safe, But It's Good
How unsettling literature teaches us to confront pain and suffering—at any age.
Pilgrim’s Progress Gives Us Hope for Breaking Cycles of Sin
In part two, Christiana's journey is much easier than Christian's. The question is why?
Suicide, Abuse, and Despair: Pilgrim’s Progress Explores the Unexpected
Bunyan exposes existential nerves through his nuanced treatment of darkness.
Good Christians Are Satan's Easiest Targets
But The Pilgrim's Progress teaches us how to brawl with Apollyon.
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Liberty for All
How Christian campuses can foster free speech.
The Bible Tormented Bonhoeffer
Scripture both comforted and haunted the German theologian.
How Luther Lost Control of the Message
The reformer used technology to spread the word. Would it backfire?
Martin Luther King Was Fearful, But the Bible Made Him Brave
What happens when we realize the Bible is meant for more than teaching us right from wrong?
How the Jesus People Made the Bible Cool
From Billy Graham to Bob Dylan, how a youth movement briefly changed the world.
What the Bible Did During American Slavery
Both the North and the South read the same Scripture. What's going on here?
A New We
Christian colleges and universities implement changes to support students of color.
What’s Good for Women Is Good for Men
Seminaries work to ensure women are a vital and flourishing part of their community.
Internet or Incarnation?
Bridging the Digital Divide
From souls to stomachs, seminaries are looking to expand their reach.
A Professor’s Perspective
Why Christian colleges emphasize mentorship.
Top Story April 22, 2019
The Suffering Servant Only Makes Sense in the Context of the Trinity
The Suffering Servant Only Makes Sense in the Context of the Trinity
The historical Christian doctrine helps us to see the goodness of God in Good Friday.
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