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How Should Christians Respond to Christchurch Mosque Massacre?
Eleven evangelical experts weigh in as death toll of New Zealand Muslims hits 50.
Eleven evangelical experts weigh in as death toll of New Zealand Muslims hits 50.
Florida’s Oldest Place to Grow OldSubscriber Access Only
Dowling Park was a retirement community built around widows and orphans. A century later, it’s a model for intergenerational ministry.
Many dwarf Advent Christian Village's modest size. The second-largest senior living organization, The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society, comprises more than 17,000 units
Cinema of God: Muslims Memorialize AugustineSubscriber Access Only
North African nations bring church father to the silver screen.
“This is how families in our culture honor right living.”. The film's Muslim participants were impressed—not deterred— by its Christian origins and the faith of its hero.
Our Venezuelan Brothers and Sisters in Christ Are Suffering
Here’s how the church is faring as the country experiences increasing political tumult, blackouts, water shortages, and out of control inflation.
worse and worse every day, even though seven years ago when I was living in Venezuela. And what we have seen is that the number of Christian evangelical and protestant churches
How Universalism, ‘the Opiate of the Theologians,’ Went Mainstream
Michael McClymond decries the rising popularity of an idea Christians have rejected for most of church history.
living can flourish on the basis of universalist theology. Who would need to work at being alert or prepared if a universalist outcome were already known in advance? (Some Christian
Is the Cross Enough?Subscriber Access Only
The truth of the gospel requires telling the whole story.
Evangelical obedience is not about earning God's favor but living out of it in the present power of Christ's resurrection. The Christian life is shaped like a cross and liberated like an
Did Trump and Kim’s Summit Help North Korean Christians?
Experts analyze the impact on persecuted believers after the two polemic leaders walk away without a deal.
Experts analyze the impact on persecuted believers after the two polemic leaders walk away without a deal.
The Bible Tormented Bonhoeffer
Scripture both comforted and haunted the German theologian.
How Luther Lost Control of the Message
The reformer used technology to spread the word. Would it backfire?
Martin Luther King Was Fearful, But the Bible Made Him Brave
What happens when we realize the Bible is meant for more than teaching us right from wrong?
Why a Compassionate Baptist Pastor Led a Revolution
John Chilembwe’s revolt against colonial Britain failed, but he is still hailed as a hero in Malawi.
confirmed when many white settlers were granted large tracts of land and then, under a system called thangata, extracted rent in the form of labor from the people already living on the
The Anvil of the Evangelical Mind
Schools and scholars can help the Christ-centered movement become all the more Jesusy.
You go to a garbage dump in Cairo, Egypt, where you find people are living in despicable conditions. But then, lo and behold, you run into a Christian ministry there.
How the Jesus People Made the Bible Cool
From Billy Graham to Bob Dylan, how a youth movement briefly changed the world.
What the Bible Did During American Slavery
Both the North and the South read the same Scripture. What's going on here?
The Peace Cross May Get to Stay, But Not Because It’s ‘Secular’
After the Supreme Court’s oral arguments, Christian legal experts weigh in on the symbol.
the Bladensburg Cross case is much simpler than the complex questions Christians face living as principled be wrested from its place as one of the central symbols of the Christian faith.
‘A Theology of Everything’ for a Pluralistic World
Fuller theology professor Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen thinks Catholics and Pentecostals are doing today's best theology.
My five-volume work is the first time in the history of theology to attempt to set forth a full-scale Christian doctrine in light of not only all Christian materials but also other living faiths, as
Jewish Christians Are Recovering Their Distinctive Religious HeritageSubscriber Access Only
A growing group of Jews who believe in Jesus is crossing boundaries to revive their identity and restore unity in the church.
a space for Jews in churches and renew the relationship between Jews and Gentiles in Christian churches by Deborah Pardo-Kaplan is a religion journalist living in Austin, Texas.
The Struggle to Say ‘I’m Sorry’ in Public
Why we have a hard time saying we were unequivocally wrong.
If we were living in First Century Rome, in the early church, we're not holding that we hold accountable really should be the folks that were in covenant Christian community together.
Asia Rising: The Top 50 Countries Where It’s Hardest to Follow Jesus
China’s church raids drew headlines, but 26 countries—including India—treated Christians worse in 2018.
Asia Rising: The Top 50 Countries Where It's Hardest to Follow Jesus. Research.
Preoccupied with Love: Lifting High Evangelism Again
One-on-One with James Choung about evangelism and discipleship.
James Choung, Vice President of Strategy & Innovation at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, will be presenting on Ed: It's hard to deny that we are living in challenging times culturally.
Top Story March 19, 2019
Religious Freedom Isn’t Just for Christians
Religious Freedom Isn’t Just for Christians
A Supreme Court cruelty reveals how we can love our neighbors.
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