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‘Please Don’t Let Them Die in Grief’Subscriber Access Only
Widowed by the genocide against Rwanda's Tutsis 25 years ago, Denise Uwimana made it her life’s mission to promote healing and reconciliation.
our defense. I was disappointed at how church leaders were involved directly or indirectly in the killing. My prayer life became a quarrel with God. I reminded
Making Missions Count: How a Major Database Tracked Thailand’s Church-Planting RevivalSubscriber Access Only
A movement in Southeast Asia shows how real-time reporting is building Great Commission connections.
Certain passages also provide numbers—that someone must have counted up to have on record—for significant moments in the life of the church. The
Cinema of God: Muslims Memorialize AugustineSubscriber Access Only
North African nations bring church father to the silver screen.
Beyond showcasing the life and thought of the great church father, it conveys another important lesson: It is plausible that Augustine resembled the Berbers of today.
Why Augustine’s ‘Come to Jesus’ Moment Tells an Incomplete Story
The same church father who experienced a radical turn to faith also preached a gospel of continual conversion.
will be our delight, till by turning, turning we come 'round right.” Conversion is the refrain of the Christian life. Han-luen Kantzer Komline is an assistant professor of church history and
A New Set of Spotlights on Elisabeth Elliot
What we learn about her life and work from two releases of previously unpublished writings.
We stand up as a body in church—the church that I go to, for example—and we say a Every time things have seemingly fallen apart in my life, I have gone back to those things that do
The Church Made Vagina Sculptures Long Before Nadia Bolz-Weber
But early Christian yonic art symbolized baptism, not free sex.
fonts proclaim the very good news that we—male and female alike—are no longer our own because we are raised to a new kind of life: We belong to Jesus and to his global church.
Transhumanism and the Cult of ‘Better, Faster, Stronger’Subscriber Access Only
Why the church should resist technologies that aim to liberate us from ordinary, embodied life.
Why the church should resist technologies that aim to liberate us from ordinary, embodied life. Transhumanism and the Cult of 'Better, Faster, Stronger'.
Lessons from Evangelicalism’s PR GuruSubscriber Access Only
Mark DeMoss represented Christian organizations through highs and lows, but we’re all tasked with representing Christ.
No aspect of life and work can be ignored without consequence. What your church bathrooms look like can affect my opinion of your church as much as your televised service does.
Five Churches that Shouldn’t Reproduce
There is legitimate reason to caution against a universal plea toward blind reproduction.
Quarantined in a self-prescribed isolation, the narcissistic church asserts that they are the best answer to life's problems, all while a city longingly waits for Jesus.
5 Books That Provide Comfort Amid Terminal IllnessSubscriber Access Only
Chosen by Kathryn Butler, trauma surgeon and author of "Between Life and Death: A Gospel-Centered Guide to End-of-Life Medical Care."
Terminal Illness. Chosen by Kathryn Butler, trauma surgeon and author of "Between Life and Death: A Gospel-Centered Guide to End-of-Life Medical Care.".
Churches That Play Together Stay Together
Pastors report the congregational gains of letting loose as a body.
“These are practicing Christians who know the meaning of play—and indeed, half call their home life 'playful,'” according to the report. The same can be said of the church family.
How Should Christians Respond to Christchurch Mosque Massacre?
Eleven evangelical experts weigh in as death toll of New Zealand Muslims hits 50.
Eleven evangelical experts weigh in as death toll of New Zealand Muslims hits 50.
Power and Pastors: Part 1
Recovering A Biblical Understanding of Power
Pastors and church leaders need to realize that leadership is the exercise of power in real life; it is the skill of using power effectively. Therefore, we must
ECFA Suspends Harvest Bible Chapel’s Accreditation
Under James MacDonald, Chicago-area megachurch may have been in “serious violation” of 4 out of 7 stewardship standards, says Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.
“During the indefinite suspension, the church may not represent that they are an For example, the church has repeatedly used money donated for one purpose to fulfill other purposes.
Should We Rethink the 30-minute Sermon Lecture?
Our message should encompass both Scripture and our congregants questions.
Being a learner of God's Word and a student of the Life in Christ is crucial for In a church community, our parishioners are participating in all different types of learning experiences: small
Methodism’s Global Reach Has Changed the Denomination
The tradition is largest in the US but today has a strong international presence. How did that happen?
the position of the churches in Africa are much more committed to a biblical, a higher view of biblical authority, as guides their church that has been influential in their church life.
Delivering a Stillborn Baby Taught Me the Transience of Death
When I found out about my daughter's condition, I felt the destruction of my plans and hopes. But this place of limitation also revealed God’s profound love.
My life revolved around my reputation and achievements, my Oxford degrees and my place on the university faculty. I had become joyless, controlled, and predictable.
Power and Pastors: Part 3
Jesus schooled the world on how to understand and exert power.
more time on the candidate's ability to speak than they do on the person's personal life and character. Titus 1:6-9 is another key passage on the qualifications of leaders in the church.
The First Mexican Protestant Loved the Bible
How Ambrosio Gonzales encountered the Word of God and blazed the trail for future Latino converts.
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Just as Ambrosio's life was transformed by reading the Bible, Cuban American church historian and theologian Justo L. González observes a similar phenomenon is his book Mañana:
Emerging Adults: Apathetic or Indifferent to Matters of Faith?
A call to spiritual care among our twenty-somethings.
We want to think together about the ways in which we can nurture the faith of twenty-somethings as they make life-altering decisions regarding identity, church participation, vocation
Top Story March 20, 2019
China Tells Christianity To Be More Chinese
China Tells Christianity To Be More Chinese
Is this a case of government oppression or the Chinese church coming into its own? How to understand “sinicization.”
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