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Catholic but not RomanSubscriber Access Only
To celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the ‘Reforming Catholic Confession’ calls Protestants to unity.
Conversations with Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians remain important as we seek to live out the unity of the church, but this is not our focus here.
Unity in the Body and Working Relationships Beyond
What are the limits of cross-denominational partnership?
have love for one another.”. Unity in Denominations. No one in the church world that I know disagrees with these powerful statements. The real question is
Weekend Edition—July 22, 2016
Distractions, Work, a Diverse America, Church signs, and more!
That's why we say, “The Church should reflect the diversity of its community and proclaim the diversity of the kingdom.” Multi-cultural unity is one of the hallmarks of the gospel, a sign to
Missions Sunday: Church-Planting Catalysts for Gospel Movements (Part 1)
Catalytic Inputs that Contribute to Movement Development
praying throughout every phase of the partnership, asking God for power, direction, unity, and wisdom. mission and a rediscovery of the nature and purpose of the Church can catapult
Lutherans Remember the Reformation Where Germany Committed Genocide
Lutheran World Federation assembles in Namibia for 500th anniversary of Martin Luther.
Lutheran World Federation assembles in Namibia for 500th anniversary of Martin Luther.
Theological Education as a Partner in the Mission
The influence of theological institutions should be directional.
God has blessed various parts of the Church with unique gifts. Work with other denominations in Scriptural unity and show that God is active in your theological training.
Ten Commandments of Conflict and CrisisSubscriber Access Only
Keeping the inevitable from doing the irreparable.
Respond with vulnerability. Handling conflict well is essentially an issue of maturity, and leading a church to community, to true biblical unity, begins with its leader.
Evangelism, Church Planting, and Alpha Course
What bridges between denominations and churches need to be built for the trust to make collaboration possible?
and the team from LifeWay Research have been key partners for us and through theirs and others' work, we are seeing God create an awesome new wave of church unity which is
Supporting Discipleship Teams
Teams need expectations, definition, communication and proper tools
will help build ownership throughout the staff, and maintain unity on the team with regard to disciple making. Resource with the right tools. In an established church the church budget
Our Best on the Teamwork of Ministry
These 11 resources will help your team work together as one body made up of many parts.
Removing Roadblocks to Board Unity. Familiar practices and assumptions may be the greatest obstacles to the teamwork of an effective church board, Larry W. Osborne.
Weekend Edition—March 4, 2016
Bee-lines, church signs, synagogues, and more!
I could see it growing again – a rift in the Evangelical church that will be far reaching, but not readily noticed – at least not right away. On the surface, there appears to be a form of unity.
Weekend Edition: October 9, 2015
Pope Francis Paradoxes, ethics for church leadership, and more.
witness to the world. Jesus also gave gifts to the Church so that it might be built up and reach unity in the faith, knowledge of the Son of God, and maturity.
Episcopal Church Suspended from Anglican Communion over Same-Sex Marriage
(UPDATED) US province demoted to ‘observer status' for three years. Conservatives still want more sanctions and repentance.
Episcopal Church (see below) would also be applied to other provinces "when any unilateral decisions on matters of doctrine and polity are taken that threaten our unity." Archbishop of
Do-It-Yourself Church UnitySubscriber Access Only
Healing the fractured body of Christ isn’t just for theologians to figure out.
Leer en español
Do-It-Yourself Church Unity Leer en Español. Healing the fractured body of Christ isn't just for theologians to figure out. Wesley Hill| March 13, 2015. Image: iStock.
Christian Declaration on Caring for Refugees: An Evangelical Response
How can Christians respond to this crisis.
Jo Anne Lyon, The Wesleyan Church: This document, I think, is well done. with World Vision overseas and our own people that are working overseas, to begin to build unity around this
Neither Jew nor Greek … Republican nor DemocratSubscriber Access Only
Mark Batterson on leading a church in our nation’s capital during a divisive election season.
For more on how National Community Church created unity between Republicans and Democrats in the heart of DC, check out "The Bipartisan Small Group" from
20 Truths from The High Definition Leader by Derwin Gray
Do you have what it takes to be a high definition leader?
4. High-definition leaders realize that the ethnic unity of God's church is a sign to the world that his kingdom has broken through the darkness, establishing peace between enemies. (51).
Dogs and Honor-Shame Culture: Unity Amidst Brokenness
Amidst honor and shame culture, we must pursue restoration and unity above all else.
David hosts Next Gener.Asian Church and serves at Open Table Community in Atlanta, GA. David shares about the unity and reconciliation we must seek amidst honor-shame cultures.
Morning Roundup 8/18/15
Church Revitalization; Homeless Man; Bigger Bibles
Church 24/7/365 because he has no where else to go reconciled relationships as God's people – redeemed by the blood of Jesus and now called to have Christ's mind as we seek unity.
Put Down the Church Attendance Scorecard
Shame and peer pressure don’t lead to healthy discipleship.
Augustine is credited with saying, “In essentials unity, in non- essentials liberty, in all things everyone quit their day jobs, enroll in tent-making school, and become church planters just
Top Story April 19, 2018
‘Little Girls Need Their Daddy’
‘Little Girls Need Their Daddy’
Billy Graham's children are thankful for their father; they just wish he'd been around more.
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