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Embracing Our Transgender Neighbors on God’s Terms
We should seek their well-being—but also prepare for strong disagreement on what that entails.
us understand how to respond to transgender people with biblical and pastoral clarity, confessing that there is yet wish to affirm the goodness of sex and gender as God designed them.
Keeping the Trinity Personal
Defending the oneness of God shouldn't nullify the Bible's claims about the mutual love of Father, Son, and Spirit.
Yet, it would be better to remove the contradictions by confessing from the outset that the one living God is Father, Son, and Spirit, three eternal personal Persons.
Good News, Satan Wants to Destroy You!
It may sound weird, but knowing we have an enemy is encouraging.
The Bible says we're right. Unfortunately, we are tempted to forget this in our daily walk with God. First, our Enemy whispers lies about everything, but especially about God.
The Sacred Gift of Selfies
Craig Detweiler sees spiritual significance underneath the stereotypes.
a kind of a false social contract of projecting our idealized selves rather than confessing our greatest But what about the Psalm that precedes it, Psalm 22 [“My God, my God, why have
Is the Body That ‘Betrayed’ Me Still ‘Very Good’? Subscriber Access Only
What the incarnation affirms about the reality of God's creation.
What the incarnation affirms about the reality of God's creation. And every new bump hurts. It's taken me a while to realize how this alienation from my body impacts my walk with God.
One-on-One with Daniel Im on Discipleship from a Systems Perspective
Five micro-shifts that lead to macro-change
more willing to deny themselves, and are more interested in seeking a deeper relationship with God. Individuals who did the input goal of confessing their sins on a regular basis were
3 Ways to Pray for Las Vegas: It’s a Powerful (Not Political) Act for Christians
Prayer is not an empty gesture; it's how Christians first respond to tragedy.
He started his prayer and fasting by confessing his own sin. He then gave himself to the task and expected that God would empower him to be a blessing. So can we.
The Loving Father Who Judges?Subscriber Access Only
Peter sees no conflict with God’s compassion and his justice.
The Loving Father Who Judges? Peter sees no conflict with God's compassion and his justice. If you're Peter, you begin with the gracious fatherhood of God.
As a New Age Enthusiast, I Fancied Myself a Free Spirit and a Good PersonSubscriber Access Only
Then a strange dream, an old friend, and a disturbing psalm woke me up to reality.
girl of the department.” I was “spiritual but not religious,” which meant I could be good without God. Not long after confessing this uneasiness to my friend, I had an experience like scales
The Stories We Hope You Didn't Miss
The female pastors bringing hope to Middle East churches, talking about race with your kids, and how immigrants are reshaping American missions.
Bob SmietanaAugust 18, 2017 6:00 AM. The Cynic's Guide to Sin Confessing God | CT Magazine. The Cynic's Guide to Sin We're not surprised when people fail us. But should we be?
Sexual Addiction Destroyed My Pastorate
Exposing the truth was just the first step to redemption.
of my gracious and forgiving wife, a lot of counseling, and a commitment to walk this out, God carried us I spent the weekend confessing to my wife and sharing the truth with our kids.
Racial Difference Without Division
The power of an ethnicity-honoring witness.
and men on owning their ethnic stories, crossing cultures, lamenting and confessing places of tools, language, and a new framework for pursuing and embodying God's restoration and
How God Keeps it TogetherSubscriber Access Only
When our life unravels, He holds the threads.
How God Keeps it Together. When our life unravels, He holds the threads. But what of the infinite God who pictures himself in multiple roles and names in Scripture?
Tim Keller, John Piper, and Andy Stanley Among the 12 ‘Most Effective’ Preachers
Baylor’s seminary asked homiletics experts to pick the top English-speaking sermon givers of today’s generation.
The author of Preaching for God's Glory and the editor of the Spurgeon Study Bible, the Truth for Life radio ministry and serves on the council for the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.
Rest Through Dependence
confessing your dependence, you will experience the rest that will come when he supplies all your need. Reflect: Read John 15:5–6. What good things have replaced intimacy with God
Leadership Development According to Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Bonhoeffer's wisdom on leadership endures.
in church planting so that they can be a part of the Kingdom of God invading into every Although, as the first head of the seminary in the Confessing Church, he was focusing on training
When God’s Mercy Sounds Like Bad NewsSubscriber Access Only
The patience of the Lord can be a heavy burden.
When God's Mercy Sounds Like Bad News. The patience of the Lord can be a heavy burden. Derek Lightstock. Moses was well-acquainted with the patience of God.
The Robust Faith of George III
The “mad” ruler of England during the American Revolution led a life of impressive personal piety.
is to acknowledge it publicly.” Admission of wrongdoing—and thence repentance—was central: “No one should be above confessing when they have been mistaken.” God would hear
When ‘You’re Pregnant’ Feels Like Bad News
How can the church help those who are grieving motherhood?
The way forward, then, is through repentance and grief. We lay our hearts bare before God, confessing both our sin and our sadness (even the sadness we shouldn't have).
Southern Baptist Women Launch Petition Against Paige Patterson
Controversy over past remarks leads Southwestern Seminary to announce special board meeting.
to the trustees follows Beth Moore's own viral open letter posted last week, confessing her uncomfortable Hunt, who thanked him for having “always proven to be a Man of God and a
Top Story July 18, 2018
Blessed Are the Slow
Blessed Are the Slow
Scripture reminds us that love—and loving communication—is patient.
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