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One-on-One with Caleb Kaltenbach on ‘God of Tomorrow’
Our current and future circumstances don’t negate God’s power, plan, or promises.
Caleb: Society's trends, people's opinions, and the severity of injustices are always changing. Cultural tragedy and everyday life will punch us in the gut again, but our expectant hope is
Reaching and Revitalizing Rural America: Overcoming Misconceptions, and Answering the Call (Part 2)
In reality, rural America is in a perilous position — perhaps in greater danger of decay and decline than many cities.
doing. In Part 1, we gave an overview of the realities and talked about cultural homogeneity. groups. This is due in part to national trends in population migration.
Preparing for Rev. Billy Graham’s Memorial Service, and Reflecting on His Love for Our Hurting World
Truly effective evangelism is a matter of friendship, mentorship, and unconditional love.
There is much that we, the church, can learn from his leadership and legacy of outreach even today in our 21st century context. Cultural Trends. Newsflash: we live in a broken world.
Three Biblical Frameworks for Faithfulness in the Post-Christendom West (Part 1)
Call. Context. Commission.
I have written extensively on the trends that have informed this culture change and the More importantly, I have consistently argued that this decline in cultural Christianity can be, in part
Leading Fearlessly in a Changing Culture
Popular blogger and pastor Trevin Wax discusses how a marginalized church can actually be more effective.
church attendance, rising numbers of people claiming no religion— these recent trends are enough to talked to Wax about how Christians can respond to the current cultural climate and
How We Lead in Times of Cultural Shift
In many ways, we have lost our home field advantage.
How We Lead in Times of Cultural Shift. How We Lead in Times of Cultural Shift. This cultural shift has resulted in the loss of what I refer to as the Christian's home court advantage.
Three Keys to Increasing Church Planting Capacity in Denominations
Engage the Planters. Embrace the Pace. Establish the Path.
As with any mission field, understanding the cultural context is important. help them learn, pastor them, pray for them, supply biblical principles that aren't based on trends, and generally
Cities and Multiculturalism: Two Trends in Church Planting Today
God can be at work in more than one place at a time.
the leadership of someone of color or someone from a different historical or cultural background. Trends come and go, but the one trend that should endure is that we plant because
A Conservative Christian Alternative to Panic Politics
Bruce Ashford models a refreshingly amiable approach. But perhaps he could have used a little more fire and brimstone.
they feel increasingly besieged, as their moral views—especially about sexuality—have put them at odds with our society's cultural elites (and sometimes with broader trends in public
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 5
Can a church building be culturally engaged?
1 of 2. Trends in Church Architecture, Part 5. Is our building cultural? At the World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, GA, you can taste Coke products from around the world.
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 3
Third Places are the new multi-purpose building.
In this the third installment in the series Trends in Church Architecture, we'll as community centers, coffeehouses, parks and playgrounds, restaurants, and theaters, and cultural centers.
The Many Surprises of 20th-Century ChristianitySubscriber Access Only
Brian Stanley’s global history makes connections and draws lessons that others are apt to miss.
explores how many different kinds of Christians have responded to social, cultural, and political Anyone with the slightest knowledge of trends in modern Christianity will have opinions
Of Dads and MenSubscriber Access Only
New research shows where to focus if we want to change stereotypes about men.
In the midst of our current cultural confusion on the subject of masculinity, “Ballerina Dad” was the themselves in the uniquely male way that only men understand.” But the trends we've
Kaepernick, Speech, and a Job: The Cleat May Soon be on the Other Foot
Free speech is important, but is it always helpful, and how does it relate to employment?
However, looking at current cultural trajectory, and how dissenters are being treated (see examples If current trends continue, Christians will be penalized for their speech soon enough.
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 1
Don't overlook the philosophical importance of worship facilities.
In this article—the first in a series on trends in church buildings— I will make a few philosophical observations about 4. Worship Facilities Can Communicate A Cultural Engagement.
Taking the Measure of Trump Country
A writer and a scholar attempt sympathetic portrayals of the president’s rural supporters, but their sympathy only extends so far.
headlines of escalating racial tension, immigration debate, budget fiascoes, Russian collusion, and Stormy Daniels to delve into deeper cultural, theological, and political trends is a
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 4
Here are seven "Third Places" churches have built in and for their communities.
1 of 11. Trends in Church Architecture, Part 4. Redeemer Presbyterian Church built the W83 Community and Cultural Center, which serves as the home of its West-Side congregation.
Cultural Trends Pastors Should Recognize
Every generation has to consider their context as they live out the mission
Feb 22, 2016. Evangelism. Cultural Trends Pastors Should Recognize. Cultural Trends Pastors Should Recognize. Every generation has to consider their
The State of The Church in America: When Numbers Point To A New Reality, Part 3
Before you dismiss research as unimportant, read this. If facts are our friends, then it's time we listen to them for the good of the Church in America.
Wednesday, we looked at Mainline Protestants, Evangelicals, and some important trends. distinguish those who profess Christianity into three categories: cultural, congregational, and
Stand and Share: My Interview with Outreach Magazine
The Decline of Christian Evangelism … and What We Can Do About It
Evangelism is the recurring theme of what matters to me. Talk for a moment about the larger cultural picture. Are there any generational trends to note here?
Top Story July 16, 2018
Want to Share the Gospel Effectively? Always Ask About the Tattoo
Want to Share the Gospel Effectively? Always Ask About the Tattoo
The simplest questions can open the door to amazing conversations.
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