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Do 47 Percent of Christian Millennials Think Evangelism Is Wrong?
Many young Christians clearly hold a negative view of evangelism. But why?
our world is and how our experience of our world relates to broad trends outside of our with you, they are judging you.” More concerning, these are not nominal or cultural Christians that
How the Bible Project Is Using Video to Get People into Scripture AgainSubscriber Access Only
The Portland-based animation studio is seeing unprecedented success in an age of biblical illiteracy.
professor Kenneth Berding has called a “crisis of biblical literacy,” and the trends are not “Skepticism about the Bible,” Barna noted in 2016, “is gaining a stronger cultural foothold.”.
James MacDonald: Why Suing Is Sometimes the Biblical Choice
1 Corinthians 6:1-9 does not apply to every situation.
The Scriptures had not changed, but cultural trends had again caused a more careful study of all biblical passages on divorce, versus the more simplistic “the Lord God … hates divorce
Across the Globe, Contemporary Worship Music Is Bringing Believers TogetherSubscriber Access Only
More and more, says scholar Monique Ingalls, it permeates nearly every sphere of evangelical life.
this phenomenon as an ethnomusicologist, looking at the intersection of different social and musical trends. is so pervasive today that you can call it a “shared cultural product.” Has this
How We Lead in Times of Cultural Shift
In many ways, we have lost our home field advantage.
August 2, 2017Leadership. How We Lead in Times of Cultural Shift. This cultural shift has resulted in the loss of what I refer to as the Christian's home court advantage.
Liberty for All
How Christian campuses can foster free speech.
the workforce and civic life. The ideologies that guide this research and teaching shape public policy, cultural trends, and voters. Which is why so much
Announcing ‘Ed Stetzer Live’ on Moody Radio
Moody Radio is launching the new Saturday morning talk show on September 15.
15. Hosted by Ed Stetzer, a well-known author, speaker, teacher and pastor, the program will tackle today's cultural trends and issues facing the Church and Christians.
Dealing with Disillusionment
We can step into the disillusionment of those around us for the sake of God’s mission.
from God but close to us. It doesn't take a Spirit-filled conscience to notice when cultural trends are out of step with what is good, beautiful, and whole.
Christianity Today’s 2019 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.
Many modern readers are ignorant of the trends and methods that permeated this period that occupies the But the book offers both a vital critique of our Christian cultural norms and a
My Bittersweet Farewell to the Billy Graham Center
I love serving as Managing Director at the Center, but pastoral ministry calls.
One created because of the racial animus of the other, mirroring other denominational trends that led to blast classic 80s rock n' roll and I'd throw a well-timed cultural counterpunch with
Keep the X in X-Mas
The abbreviation offends 6 in 10 evangelicals, but its history is deeply Christian
“Yet, it appears there is less cultural expectation for the earliest era of political Christendom, “X” has been used as a shorthand for Christ, as LifeWay's own Facts & Trends pointed out.
The Top 20 Christianity Today Articles of 2018
What evangelicals are afraid of losing, if we really believe in “Reckless Love,” and why a survivor of Larry Nassar's abuse says there's more to the gospel than forgiveness.
Research. The Top 50 Countries Where It's Most Dangerous to Follow Jesus If trends continue, North Korea will no longer be the world's worst Believers eschewed cultural influence.
Three Biblical Frameworks for Faithfulness in the Post-Christendom West (Part 1)
Call. Context. Commission.
I have written extensively on the trends that have informed this culture change and the More importantly, I have consistently argued that this decline in cultural Christianity can be, in part
Cultural Trends Pastors Should Recognize
Every generation has to consider their context as they live out the mission
Missiology. Cultural Trends Pastors Should Recognize. Every generation has to consider their context as they live out the mission. Ed Stetzer Author Bio.
Cities and Multiculturalism: Two Trends in Church Planting Today
God can be at work in more than one place at a time.
the leadership of someone of color or someone from a different historical or cultural background. Trends come and go, but the one trend that should endure is that we plant because
How to Discover God’s Vision for Your Community
There are three questions must be answered in order to discover God’s unique assignment for your ministry.
Societal trends or systems of sin that hinder entire groups of people from understanding the hope intelligence in order to determine a multiplying plan with the fewest cultural barriers for
David Foster Wallace Broke My Heart
Ten years after his suicide, I marvel at his genius but mourn the crushing burdens he carried.
Cultural conservatives may see resemblances to Richard Weaver's Ideas Have Consequences, particularly in the chapter of the way things are now but a kind of extrapolation on trends.
Racial Difference Without Division
The power of an ethnicity-honoring witness.
In this special issue, we've included articles that explore trends in women's discipleship, examine the country, training Christian leaders on how to engage in cross-cultural ministry and
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 5
Can a church building be culturally engaged?
July 22, 2016Missiology. Trends in Church Architecture, Part 5. Can a church building be culturally engaged? Ed Stetzer Author Bio. Image: Visioneering Studios. Is our building cultural?
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 3
Third Places are the new multi-purpose building.
In this the third installment in the series Trends in Church Architecture, we'll as community centers, coffeehouses, parks and playgrounds, restaurants, and theaters, and cultural centers.
Top Story March 19, 2019
Religious Freedom Isn’t Just for Christians
Religious Freedom Isn’t Just for Christians
A Supreme Court cruelty reveals how we can love our neighbors.
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