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Why Has It Become Harder To Stock the Church Planter Pipeline?
It’s become more difficult to recruit church planters today compared to the recent past
2. Your Diversity Hasn't Become Organic…and It Matters Now More than Before. This goes beyond race and gender policies and diversity initiatives.
Some (Recent) History of Church Planting – Two Startup Models
As long as the Kingdom of God is being built, we can be thankful for diversity in approaches.
Some (Recent) History of Church Planting – Two Startup Models. As long as the Kingdom of God is being built, we can be thankful for diversity in approaches.
Ministries Can Do Better Than Inclusion-Rider Diversity
Rather than wait for outside demands, faith-based organizations should proactively pursue representation as part of their mission.
Ministries Can Do Better Than Inclusion-Rider Diversity. Rather than wait for outside demands, faith-based organizations should proactively pursue representation
Chicagoland Church Planting Alliance Spring 2018 | Chicagoland. Context. Evangelism.
Chicago presents a unique context for evangelism and church planting.
I remember as a child taking Saturday day trips with my parents, driving from the Quad Cities to Chicago and being enamored by the sheer size and diversity of the city.
Why and How Multicultural Leadership Strengthens You, Your Team, and the Faith
If you’ve got the right people on your team, anything is possible.
Dec 19, 2017. leadership, multicultural, multiethnic, diversity. Why and How Multicultural Leadership Strengthens You, Your Team, and the Faith. Why
The Values-Driven Leader: A Mosaic of 3 Tiles
What can you do to keep your organization on mission?
Do you lead with creativity? Diagnostic Questions: How often do you reflect on God's powerful, imaginative work in creation? Do you ever glory in the wonderful diversity of God's world?
Preaching on Racism from the 'White' Pulpit: Reflections from David Platt’s Talk at T4G
The learning curve in this conversation about race is steep and more complex than the Black-White binary. And because of that, it can become emotionally exhausting for all of us.
from our collectively “otherliness”. The Gospel Still at Work. Platt's T4G message wasn't just rhetoric around racial equality and diversity. It's a part of a
The Need for Culturally Agile Leaders in Church Planting
The mission of God knows no cultural boundaries
2. Culturally agile leaders challenge church planters to address issues of diversity with greater precision. Those who are planting churches in global
One on One with Dino Senesi on Sending Well: A Field Guide to Great Church Planter Coaching
Every planter needs a coach because every planter needs a lot of help.
The church I pastored at the time was in a more urban location and God gave us the opportunity to address the diversity through church planting. We walked beside ten new churches.
A Humble Servant with a Simple Message: John Perkins Remembers Billy Graham
Billy Graham's legacy through John Perkins' eyes.
I wanted nothing to do with further enabling the patronization of us black folks or merely paying lip service to diversity without actually acknowledging the brokenness we all carried.
What John Wesley Would Say to Bernie Sanders and Diane Feinstein
The post-Reformation theologian has suggestions for post-Christian America.
For this reason, the proper response to and management of religious diversity was a recurring theme in Wesley's sermons. Diversity, Not Indifference.
For #MLK50, Christian Schools Launch $1.5 Million in Minority Scholarships
Dream Forward initiative by Wheaton, Gordon, SBC seminaries, and others builds on Martin Luther King Jr. commemorations in Memphis.
Most CCCU schools have increased their diversity levels into the double-digits, and a growing number have enrollments where students of color outnumber white students, according to
Changing Direction – Reflections on the Chicago River at St. Patrick’s Day
When we follow Jesus, we do what the Chicago River did in 1900: we change direction.
up this prayer: Lord, as I live side by side with the diversity in my neighborhood, help me show the evidence of my own change of direction. Help me
Use Globalization for the Gospel
The four corners of the world are now in your neighborhood.
Talk about a culture-clash! But no one seems to notice because diversity is all over our city. If you look closely, you'll find diversity in your city also. In
More on Leaving White Evangelicalism: A Response from Bryan Loritts
People of color need to establish our own conferences, organizations, and networks.
I'm tired of recommending young minority leaders to serve on white church staffs, and watching them get used as tokens to show how “serious” the church is about diversity, only to see it
Kaine Is Simply Not Able to Speak Up Rightly for the "Least of These"
The "least of these" includes the unborn.
Parts of the Body. At the center of Kaine's argument is his comparison between Paul's description of the church as a body (1 Cor. 12:14-21) and diversity in American politics.
Three Biblical Frameworks for Faithfulness in the Post-Christendom West (Part 1)
Call. Context. Commission.
Even as I celebrate this demographic change as a reflection of the diversity in the kingdom of Jesus, it would be naïve to say that this transition was easy.
Will We See a Church Planting Movement in North America?
How can church leaders prepare themselves and their churches?
rapid church planting movements. North America, in its complexity and diversity, seems missiologically unlikely for a parallel movement. But God is quite
“Family Win” and How Our Churches Care for Each Other and the World
If the whole family doesn’t win, no one wins.
However, for a church family that spans from urban to rural, from communities with very little ethnic diversity to those where there is no ethnic majority, gerrymandered congressional
Rhinos, Rabbits, and the Challenges of Multiplying a Church Planting Movement
Partnering together for the sake of the gospel
Rabbits can be physical reminders of Missio Dei, or more accurately, our Missio Ecclesiae* as they courageously walk by faith into the density and diversity of the city.
Top Story April 26, 2018
When the Rohingya Came, This Christian Hospital Was Ready
When the Rohingya Came, This Christian Hospital Was Ready
After decades shut out of refugee camps, medical missionaries in Bangladesh offer expert care to those who fled Myanmar.
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