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Ripples of Faithfulness: Remembering Billy Graham
Dr. Greg MaGee shares his experience at a Graham Crusade as a young boy.
Even though I had heard similar messages countless times before, in one evening Jesus went from being a great idea for other people to a precious treasure for me. Life and Doctrine.
Died: George Lindbeck, Father of Postliberal Theology
Nature of Doctrine author was a “missionary to postmodernity.”
Obituary. Died: George Lindbeck, Father of Postliberal Theology. Nature of Doctrine author was a “missionary to postmodernity.”. Kate Shellnutt. January 23, 2018 1:25 PM.
Origin of Spiritual Gifts Profiles
Fascinating research on the systematic theology of spiritual gifts
researchers. Here is what I have discovered. Brief History. The doctrine of spiritual gifts, as we think of it today, is of relatively recent interest. Historically
Why Critics Are Wrong to Scold Evangelicals for Historical Rootlessness
A new book demonstrates the movement has been “a perennial and recurring feature of Christian history.”
In An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, Newman argued that “to be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.” He was confident that the more one explores the early
It Doesn’t Get Any More Personal
Why evangelicals give pride of place to penal substitutionary understandings of the Cross.
punishment we deserved. This idea—summarily called the doctrine of penal substitutionary atonement—has fallen from grace in many circles. It's been
Died: Chuck Murphy, Visionary Who Gave Conservative Anglicans a New Home
Founder of Anglican Mission in the Americas partnered with Rwanda to create US alternative to The Episcopal Church.
By September 1997, Murphy and other conservative Episcopal clergy believed that their denomination had thoroughly embraced false doctrine and was resistant to reform.
What’s a Christian to Do with Statements and Confessions? Subscriber Access Only
Public pressure to sign or abstain from them undermines their greatest value.
Mark Galli| October 20, 2017. Image: Ken Orvidas. Two recent documents remind us of the importance of doctrinal clarity and how hard it is to achieve unity on doctrine.
What Christians in the US Can Learn from Immigrant Pastors
For those who met Christ elsewhere, Americanized Christianity can look a bit strange.
we go to the same church, the attitude is 'your faith is your faith and my faith is my faith.' Though they come to a Presbyterian church, many do not really follow Presbyterian doctrine.”.
The Centrality of Doctrine and the Christian Faith
A right understanding of God and his gospel moves the Christian to missional living.
Mar 11, 2015. Doctrine. The Centrality of Doctrine and the Christian Faith. The Centrality of Doctrine and the Christian Faith. We love doctrine for God's sake and his mission.
Pope Pious: What Evangelicals Like About FrancisSubscriber Access Only
Disagreement over religious authority and salvation fades as piety trumps doctrine.
Pope Pious: What Evangelicals Like About Francis. Disagreement over religious authority and salvation fades as piety trumps doctrine. Chris Castaldo
God’s Letter to Us
How evangelicals read Scripture.
Take the doctrine of Christ's nature. This leads some to wonder if any doctrine or teaching could be subject to reinterpretation. The answer is maybe, in theory.
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From souls to stomachs, seminaries are looking to expand their reach.
down to earth,” says Wirzba. When focused on the study of doctrine, it is easy to forget that Christianity is an incarnational faith. Because the Creator God
Three European Alliances Warn Evangelical-Catholic Unity Is Going Too Far
World Evangelical Alliance explains why Italy, Spain, and Malta leaders shouldn’t fear that global group has fallen for the ‘Francis effect.’
World Evangelical Alliance explains why Italy, Spain, and Malta leaders shouldn't fear that global group has fallen for the 'Francis effect.'.
A Look at Notable 2017 Publications
TEDS President offers his annual list of best books
I would especially want to point to the brilliant response from Kevin Vanhoozer to Matthew Levering in Was the Reformation a Mistake: Why Catholic Doctrine Is Not Unbiblical
The Clergy Behind Science as We Know ItSubscriber Access Only
Enlightenment-era pastors didn’t oppose modern science. They helped advance it.
pastors Charles Hodge and BB Warfield embraced scientific evidence in favor of evolutionary theory, but they also reframed those results theologically and in light of the doctrine of God.
Episcopal Church Suspended from Anglican Communion over Same-Sex Marriage
(UPDATED) US province demoted to ‘observer status' for three years. Conservatives still want more sanctions and repentance.
The primates said their action against The Episcopal Church (see below) would also be applied to other provinces "when any unilateral decisions on matters of doctrine and polity are
A Crash Course on Being a Protestant Today
A new “ecclesiological think tank” offers a valuable but incomplete summary.
Their latest book, People of the Promise: A Mere Protestant Ecclesiology, features essays by ten different Reformed Protestant thinkers on the doctrine of the church.
Kevin Vanhoozer, Drama KingSubscriber Access Only
The theologian's career has been about helping Christians play their part in the great divine story.
When Vanhoozer's recent tome on the doctrine of God, Remythologizing Theology, hit shelves, Paul Helm worried that it underplayed Scripture's truth claims.
Packing in the Pews: The Connection Between God and Guns
Ministry leaders more likely than evangelicals overall to favor more gun control.
I certainly don't hold to those things the way that I would the fundamentals of Christian doctrine and ethics, which is why I have very close co-laborers in Christ who are proponents of
What John Wesley Would Say to Bernie Sanders and Diane Feinstein
The post-Reformation theologian has suggestions for post-Christian America.
“This unsettledness of thought, this 'being driven to and fro, and tossed about by every wind of doctrine' is not a blessing, but a great curse,” he says, quoting from Ephesians 4:14.
Top Story April 19, 2018
In the Face of Moral Crisis, Churches Can’t Choose ‘Neutrality’
In the Face of Moral Crisis, Churches Can’t Choose ‘Neutrality’
How Civil War–era churches that avoided taking sides on slavery ended up siding with its supporters.
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