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Billy Graham Center Explains Survey on Evangelical Trump Voters
Wheaton College-based institute studied how and why both white and non-white believers voted in 2016.
The main takeway of the 2016 election for American evangelicals: they “feel committed to engaging the they voted for Mitt Romney in 2012; 49% said they voted for John McCain in 2008;
The Uncertain Future of Pro-Life Democrats
Mixed results in the 2018 midterms leave questions on partisan strategy over abortion.
a conservative Democrat who ran as “personally pro-life,” didn't make it to Election Day after on the National Right to Life Committee's scorecard has dropped from 17 in 2008 to only 2
Roy Moore Was ‘a Bridge Too Far’ for Alabama Evangelicals
(UPDATED) Al Mohler says Senate election “sends a signal” to the Republican Party—and to conservative Christians.
at 1 am, the unexpected loss of Roy Moore to Doug Jones in Alabama's special election for US In the last two elections with state-level exit polling, 2008 and 2012, their share was 47
Three Lessons We Can Learn from the Brave Life (and Quiet Faith) of Sen. John McCain
You would be hard pressed not to find something truly admirable in this man who served so faithfully.
McCain might have lost the 2008 election, but over the course of his career, both in the military and in politics, he won me over by embodying many of the ideals that we should aspire to
White Evangelicals Grade Trump, Republicans, and the Media
Pew looks at satisfaction with the election, and what voters think the new president should do first.
While the evangelical figure has stayed flat since 2008, the number of Catholic churches offering election information has steadily increased. The high
Is It Too Late for Russell Moore to Say Sorry?
Southern Baptist leader's critiques of Trump and his supporters are having an impact beyond the election.
Executive Committee and chaired it from 2006 to 2008, was one of the first published criticisms from a notable SBC name arguing that Moore's stance during the election should have
Sorry, Trump: 3 in 4 Evangelicals Don't Want Pastors Endorsing Politicians from Pulpits
However, survey finds they also don't want pastors who do campaign to be punished.
which opposed his re-election bid. Approved in 1954, the IRS rule bans all 501(c)(3) nonprofits, including churches, from active involvement in political campaigns. Since 2008, a group
Report: So-Called Christians Have Sense of Humor
The Babylon Bee lampoons evangelical culture and teaches us to lighten up, already.
The 2008 meltdown had decimated our savings and morale, Rob Bell had gone Oprah, and we were all going Code Red over a presidential election.
How Cecile Richards Strengthened the Pro-Life Movement
Outgoing Planned Parenthood president leaves legacy on both side of the abortion debate.
sociologist (and CT board member) Michael Lindsay once wrote in 2008, “Political movements But Richards has used the political climate—culminating with the election of President
Give Us a King!: Leadership Theory for Election SeasonSubscriber Access Only
Historic trends bring context to Trump’s confounding popularity.
trustworthy to guide us. In the 2008 election cycle, the little-known senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, capitalized on that desire. We passed over the
Pew: Most Evangelicals Will Vote Trump, But Not For Trump
With half of voters dissatisfied with both presidential candidates, white evangelicals primarily plan to oppose Clinton.
More white evangelicals are also thinking “quite a lot” about the election, while the number of black with strong religious beliefs, down from 67 percent in 2012 and 72 percent in 2008.
Russell Moore Still Has a Job, Though 100 Churches Have Threatened to Pull SBC Funds
Meeting between ERLC president and Southern Baptist leader Frank Page results in ‘mutual understanding,’ not a firing.
Meeting between ERLC president and Southern Baptist leader Frank Page results in 'mutual understanding,' not a firing.
The Use of Nuclear Weapons Is Inherently Evil
No earthly leader gets the ‘authority to do whatever.’
to engage in assassination” (article 2.11 of Executive Order 12333 as amended in 2003, 2004, and 2008). he will “keep this nation secure.” As Jeffress put it during the election: “I don't
Our July/Aug Issue: The Upside of Disruption
How unwelcome change can lead to a fuller life.
Mine came on Election Day 2008. I was sitting at my desk that morning, still wearing my “I Voted” sticker, when my boss entered my office with a look of forced nonchalance.
Why the Modern World Is Making Us MiserableSubscriber Access Only
Mark Sayers asks us to look to the Bible’s steadying influence in an era of cultural turmoil.
Mark Sayers hears it all the time: Between the election of Donald Trump, Britain's exit from the came of age during an economic boom that lasted until the global financial crisis in 2008.
Why Neither Candidate Has Hispanic Christians Convinced This Election
Leading evangelical explains how both Trump and Clinton fall short.
Obama's 2008 election promise to reform immigration became hollow by 2012 and is now seen by some as evidence that the vow was nothing more than a vote-mongering ploy by
An Insufficient ResistanceSubscriber Access Only
The desire for social change is noble—if tempered by the gospel.
The winning 2008 and 2016 presidential campaigns both danced to refrains of “not a moment, but a movement.” Some Christians today view the 2016 election as a petite revolution
After 40 Girls Die in Orphanage Fire, Guatemala Asks Evangelicals for Advice
Tragedy becomes impetus for reforms sought by Christian experts.
Tragedy becomes impetus for reforms sought by Christian experts.
The Top 20 CT News Blogs of 2016
Lecrae joins Beyoncé, Iran frees Saeed Abedini, and LifeWay drops Jen Hatmaker.
9. Evangelical Voters and the 2016 Election As in every election year, CT's politics coverage Top stories of 2008: An Anglican diocese threatens to suspend JI Packer, Donald Miller
3 Priorities for Evangelicals in the Trump Years
Actually, they’re worth pursuing no matter who occupies the White House.
In 2008, the President said in a speech that he did not support federal grants going to The President spoke to religious freedom in his re-election campaign in a video directed to people
Women in Missions Leadership Walk a Tightrope
Women in Missions Leadership Walk a Tightrope
Researcher Mary Lederleitner explores the confusions and frustrations they face.
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