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Evangelical Christians Are Sick
The movement is driven by a painful awareness that the heart—each of our hearts—is desperately wicked.
happen to us again and again. It's an evangelical sacrament of sorts. (I'll explore more on how we worship in future essays.). The question we have to ask
David Foster Wallace Broke My Heart
Ten years after his suicide, I marvel at his genius but mourn the crushing burdens he carried.
One of Wallace's best essays is “How Tracy Austin Broke My Heart.” It was ostensibly a review of tennis star Tracy Austin's autobiography, but it ended up being a meditation on living as
2017 Science Writing Contest Winners
Announcing our best essays: thoughtful writing on the Enlightenment, the Galapagos and more
Announcing our best essays: thoughtful writing on the Enlightenment, the Galapagos and more. Finalists' essays will be posted here as soon as they publish.
Madeleine L’Engle: ‘We Must Be Willing to Live by Paradox and Contradiction and Surprise’
A new “spiritual biography” of the author of A Wrinkle in Time celebrates her refusal to be pigeonholed.
Formidable in personality and far-ranging in accomplishments, L'Engle wrote more than 60 books, including novels, poetry, memoir, essays, sermons, commentaries, and creative
A Crash Course on Being a Protestant Today
A new “ecclesiological think tank” offers a valuable but incomplete summary.
Their latest book, People of the Promise: A Mere Protestant Ecclesiology, features essays by ten different Reformed Protestant thinkers on the doctrine of the church.
10 New or Lesser-Known Female Theologians Worth Knowing
More and more evangelical women are pursuing higher education in theology. Here are a few you haven’t heard of yet.
Her growing publication record reflects her scholarly interest in early Christian theology, particularly Augustinian theology, with essays forthcoming on Augustine and Barth (Wiley
The ‘Bad Girls’ of the Bible Deserve a Fresh Look
Women dismissed as “prostitutes” and “adulteresses” were often models of righteousness and faith.
about how we discuss sexual assault itself. This collection of essays is an instructive addition to the dialogue. It demonstrates how our mishandling of
Marilynne Robinson’s Celebration of Humanity Is Brilliant but Incomplete
Insights from some of her heroes, like John Calvin and the Puritans, would help round out the picture.
out the picture. Wesley Hill| April 6, 2018. Image: Richard Jaimes / Unsplash. What Are We Doing Here?: Essays Our Rating. Book Title What Are We Doing
The Mainliner Who Made Me More EvangelicalSubscriber Access Only
How Frederick Buechner changed the course of Russell Moore's life.
Then, meandering through a local library's used book sale, I found Buechner. The book was his collection of essays, A Room Called Remember. This
C.S. Lewis, Evangelism, and Cultural Engagement
Although Lewis was not always comfortable in the role of an evangelist, he was true to this task and regarded it as a necessary one.
He wrote letters explaining, “…it is our duty to do all we can to convert unbelievers.”[2] He declared this in his essays, “To convert one's adult neighbour and one's adolescent neighbour
Evangelical Distinctives in the 21st Century
The first in a series on the meaning and place of a historic movement.
This series of essays will try to describe the hard-to-pin-down reality that is evangelical faith as it has expressed itself throughout history and today across the globe.
Let’s Save the University from Secular Privilege
The academy has lost its pluralism. Here’s how the church can help find it.
The author of Is Reality Secular?: Testing the Assumptions of Four Global Worldviews, Poplin, along with Barry Kanpol, recently edited a collection of essays titled Christianity and the
It Doesn’t Get Any More Personal
Why evangelicals give pride of place to penal substitutionary understandings of the Cross.
They are grateful because they have, as we have noted in earlier essays, “an urgent sense of man's predicament … a mood so deep that it could never be completely articulated.” The
A Look at Notable 2017 Publications
TEDS President offers his annual list of best books
put together an impressive volume focusing on Christ's Ascent into Heaven in Luke-Acts: New Explorations of Luke's Narrative Hinge (Fortress), which includes fine essays from Pao
CT Women’s Top 10 Articles of 2017: Kay Warren, Joni Eareckson Tada, and More
Readers rank the best posts of the year.
movement and the Women's March, launched an eight-part series on women's ministry (including a much-debated piece on authority in the age of the internet), and ran essays on the
5 Books That Reveal the Bible’s Influence in American HistorySubscriber Access Only
Selected by Paul Gutjahr, Ruth Halls Professor of English at Indiana University and editor of 'The Oxford Handbook of the Bible in America.'
It features over 25 essays interpreting findings ranging from the enduring popularity of the King James Version of the Bible to the Bible-reading habits of such diverse populations as
The Jesusy Movement
Sure, all kinds of Christians love Jesus. But he’s especially central in evangelical piety.
about them, and they respond to them in certain characteristic ways. But more of that in later essays. For now, the key thing to note is that for evangelicals
‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Invites Us to a Bright, Boisterous Duel with Death
The God of Thunder's return to the big screen strikes a timely balance between gravitas, humor, and big, dumb fun.
He is a PhD candidate at the University of St Andrews researching the intersection of film, theology, and ethics. For his film reviews and essays, check out
With Rising Teen Suicides, the Church Cannot Afford Mixed Messages on Mental Health
How ministries can play a role in getting youth the support they need.
Her essays and reviews have appeared in The Nation, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Adoptive Families, and Mennonite World Review, among others.
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Responses to our September issue.
Rarely does anything else CT has to offer measure up to the wisdom and inspiration conveyed by these concise personal essays of redemption, recovery, conviction, or conversion.
God Shook My World at an EDM Concert
God Shook My World at an EDM Concert
I was rolling on Ecstasy when the scales suddenly fell from my eyes.
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