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On a Justice MissionSubscriber Access Only
Thanks to William Wilberforce, we already know the key to defeating slavery.
But is the movement backfiring? (August 9, 1999). Photo essays tell about slavery in Brazil and Britain (put the cursor on the photo for the victim's story).
The Conservative HumanistSubscriber Access Only
Those who are pro-life and pro-family should have no problem being pro-human.
The Conservative Humanist. Those who are pro-life and pro-family should have no problem being pro-human. Glenn T. Stanton| April 1, 2006. This year
Divine ComediesSubscriber Access Only
A report on Baylor's Art & Soul conference, version 2005.
fundamentally about the nature of the human will. (Dec. 14, 2004). Unfashionably Good | A savory collections of essays by Alan Jacobs. (Dec. 07, 2004).
Spittle and Self-RighteousnessSubscriber Access Only
Beware of responding too indignantly to those on the other side of the war debate
For more coverage on the current conflict, commentary and thought on just war, or Christian debate, see our CTWar in Iraq archive. Other relevant Christianity Today essays include:
The King of KingsSubscriber Access Only
The set also includes essays, publicity stills (including one of DeMille and six bankers posing with an actor dressed as a money changer!), footage of silent-era superstars DW Griffith
Why Muslims Follow JesusSubscriber Access Only
The results of a recent survey of converts from Islam.
the prophet died. (Dec. 28, 2000). Answering Islam has a page of essays and articles on "The Christian Witness to the Muslim.". Other Christian sites discussing
Jesus Out of FocusSubscriber Access Only
The Da Vinci Code is raising issues that go to the heart of the Christian faith—and it's starting to confuse us all.
Jesus Out of Focus. The Da Vinci Code is raising issues that go to the heart of the Christian faith—and it's starting to confuse us all. Gary M. Burge| June 1, 2006.
Dorothy Sayers
Mystery writer and apologist
Then followed a series of essays and books on specifically Christian themes, including Begin Here, The Mind of the Maker, and Creed or Chaos?, which quickly established her as one
Books & Culture's Book of the Week: Strange BedfellowsSubscriber Access Only
Christopher Hitchens and Christopher Caldwell collaborate on a collection of political writing. Has the millennium arrived unnoticed?
so lame. Granted, it has a few good essays. Nat party line. The editors' independent streaks are occasionally reflected in their selection of essays. "Right
A Better StorytellerSubscriber Access Only
Donald Miller helps culturally conflicted evangelicals make peace with their faith.
Best known for Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality, a youthful, angsty collection of personal essays that has sold more than 800,000 copies since its
The Radical ConservativeSubscriber Access Only
Richard John Neuhaus helped inspire a generation of evangelicals to participate boldly in the public square.
wrote a boring sentence. His many books and essays, like those of GK Chesterton and CS Lewis, will be studied for generations to come. His death in
ChristmasSubscriber Access Only
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
Christopher Morely, Essays. THE HEAVENS cannot contain him; a woman carried him in her bosom. Augustine, "On the Birthday of Our Lord Jesus Christ".
Not a Hallmark BibleSubscriber Access Only
Richard Foster and Dallas Willard on the newly  published Renovare Spiritual Formation Bible.
I have no interest in doing those kinds of things. We wanted something substantive. We worked very, very hard for a long time on this Bible's essays.
The Best of HistorySubscriber Access Only
Selected by our editorial advisers
Martin E. Marty, Righteous Empire: The Protestant Experience in America (Dial). Henry F. May, The Divided Heart: Essays on Protestantism and the Enlightenment in America (Oxford).
The Prodigal Who Didn’t Come HomeSubscriber Access Only
Why the President's "apology" misfired
The week the President "apologized" was also the week our editorial staff was putting the final touches on a series of essays on the parable of the Prodigal Son, which will appear in our
The Light Still ShinesSubscriber Access Only
A Harvard-sponsored conference looks at the future of religious colleges.
For more on religious colleges, see the excellent collection of essays in The Future of Christian Higher Education, edited by David S. Dockery and David P. Gushee, as well as
Jack is BackSubscriber Access Only
The search for the historical Lewis.
Lewis penned (literally—he never learned to type) nearly 40 books in his lifetime, and another 15 collections of his essays, letters, and poems have appeared since his death in 1963.
Isaac Watts
Father of English hymnody
He wrote nearly 30 theological treatises; essays on psychology, astronomy, and philosophy; three volumes of sermons; the first children's hymnal; and a textbook on logic that served as
Thinking StraighterSubscriber Access Only
Why the world's most famous atheist now believes in God.
to Think Straight. A 1949 lecture given to CS Lewis's Oxford Socratic Club became one of the most widely published essays in philosophy. The Times
The Wise ImaginationSubscriber Access Only
George MacDonald's legacy is his reminder that we are creative beings because we are made in the image of a Creator.
But they are expressed most succinctly and carefully in two essays, "The Imagination: its functions and its culture" (1867) and "The Fantastic Imagination" (1893), both published in a
Top Story March 20, 2019
Religious Freedom Isn’t Just for Christians
Religious Freedom Isn’t Just for Christians
A Supreme Court cruelty reveals how we can love our neighbors.
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