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Retirement for Those Who Can’t
Do Christian understandings of work and aging accommodate those who can’t afford to leave their jobs behind?
Christianity Today's March 2019 cover story examined how retirement fits into the Christian vision of faith and work and how assumptions about what retirement looks like are changing
Templeton Prize Winner: Marcelo Gleiser, Physicist Who Beholds the Universe’s Mysteries
The agnostic is credited with bringing believers and religious questions into the scientific realm.
The agnostic is credited with bringing believers and religious questions into the scientific realm.
Theology of the FutureSubscriber Access Only
Bible scholars, theologians, and philosophers used to work together. N.T. Wright believes they need to do so again.
singing their solo parts instead of joining together to make the rich harmony that could reshape the music of faith around the world. We give lip service to interdisciplinary work, but few
One-on-One with Juan Martinez on the Faith of Latino Emerging Adults
“Young Latino transnational believers in Christ have the relational life skills necessary to be transcultural missionaries and intercultural leaders.”
the ability to learn a new language, to cross cultural and social boundaries and to be able to share the faith in a multi That is why Latino youth can be agents of God's work in the world.
Preoccupied with Love: One-on-One with CJ Rhodes
“Unbelievers needs to see that we care for them, not just their postmortem souls but all of who they are as fallen image-bearers of God.”
Reconciliation has been accomplished by the work of Christ—his incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, and Adopted into one family of faith, we have to press through whatever seeks to
Making Missions Count: How a Major Database Tracked Thailand’s Church-Planting RevivalSubscriber Access Only
A movement in Southeast Asia shows how real-time reporting is building Great Commission connections.
gathering, it had a bigger response than before, with 700 people coming to faith in 17 challenge has been training new leaders, who are tasked with continuing the work of evangelizing
One-on-One with Jamie Aten on ‘A Walking Disaster’
"It is through our weakness that we are able to experience God’s strength more fully."
My disaster work had taught me a lot about faith and resilience. But going through cancer helped me more deeply understand what I had been studying
The Biggest Hindrance to Your Kids’ Faith Isn’t Doubt. It’s Silence
According to two researchers, the key to “sticky faith” is conversation.
And work toward considering new, creative ways that honor their experiences and faith journeys. Third, tell your own faithing story. (It's part of their story, too).
The First Mexican Protestant Loved the Bible
How Ambrosio Gonzales encountered the Word of God and blazed the trail for future Latino converts.
Leer en español
Harwood's work recounts at least nine different incidents of anti-Protestant persecution in New He had led dozens to faith in Jesus, preached many sermons, and was persecuted for his
Emerging Adults: Apathetic or Indifferent to Matters of Faith?
A call to spiritual care among our twenty-somethings.
We want to think together about the ways in which we can nurture the faith of twenty uson April 23-24 as we learn better how to participate in God's transformational work in emerging
Has Academic Theology Lost Its Way?
Two theologians ask how their discipline can start mattering to ordinary believers again.
and (6) valuing religious freedom—including the freedom to reject religion—because faith by nature of this world while also expressing confidence in the power of Christ's work for us
Cliff Sims, ‘Team of Vipers,’ and Faith Inside the White House - Part 3
“It’s important to remember that the gospel matters more than politics.”
into a changed atmosphere at the White House, because they don't work at the White House—they all work in those I mean, I have absolutely no reason to question his faith and sincerity
Is the Cross Enough?Subscriber Access Only
The truth of the gospel requires telling the whole story.
It is the cross and the resplendent, empty tomb, culminating in the ascension, that shows the full journey of our faith. By this work, in which God established his Christ as the Lord of
Making America Hospitable for Religious Outsiders
Muslims (and other minorities) shouldn’t have to elevate national ideals above faith commitments before gaining a seat at the table of citizenship.
a Muslim. Patel's faith, after all, has inspired him to serve our nation's universities through his incredible work with the Interfaith Youth Core. His faith has
Lessons from Evangelicalism’s PR GuruSubscriber Access Only
Mark DeMoss represented Christian organizations through highs and lows, but we’re all tasked with representing Christ.
I've helped tell the stories of millions who professed faith in Christ through evangelistic But throughout my career, I felt called to advance and protect kingdom work, inspired by the
Churches That Play Together Stay Together
Pastors report the congregational gains of letting loose as a body.
In its new Households of Faith report, Barna researchers claim that one of the many reasons “vibrant to play together as a way to lay the foundation for their collaborative work as the
Can Restoring the Jordan River Build Peace in the Holy Land?
Christians explore how ecological work can support the gospel mission.
on their local communities, EcoPeace recently launched an initiative to recruit pastors and other faith leaders in Ideally, he said, this will “lead to work at a diocesan level that helps to
When Great Writers Wrestle with Faith
Why have so many modern novelists and poets chased after (and fled from) God?
He rarely refers to the differences between their faith traditions and seems unaware that the work of a 19th-century Russian Orthodox novelist might be shaped by different theological
God of the Second ShiftSubscriber Access Only
The theology of work conversation is thriving. Why are most workers missing from it?
at Josué “Mambo” De León, pastor of a bilingual working-class congregation called Westside Church Internacional, eager to hear his thoughts on a recent “faith and work” conference.
Richard Mouw Wrestles with Evangelicalism, Past and PresentSubscriber Access Only
Reading his book is like enjoying a cup of tea with a wise elder statesman.
Richard Mouw's Restless Faith: Holding Evangelical Beliefs in a World of Contested Labels has a similar culture, and those around him, learning from his example as we work toward a
Top Story March 23, 2019
America’s Farming Crisis, Laid Bare by Midwest Floods
America’s Farming Crisis, Laid Bare by Midwest Floods
A deeper problem lies beneath recent stories of swelling rivers, soggy small towns, and feel-good relief efforts.
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