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This Fantasy Novelist Showed Me What It Means to Fear God
How Lois McMaster Bujold’s Hugo Award–winning stories depict reverence in the face of divine mystery.
This Fantasy Novelist Showed Me What It Means to Fear God. Fantasy fiction seems to do better. JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis managed to strike a note of the uncanny.
Martin Luther King Jr.: Exemplar of Hope
The Civil Rights leader’s life and legacy embodies the revolutionary ethic Jesus Christ.
or Community?, King wrote, “The majority of White Americans consider themselves sincerely committed to justice for the Negro,” but, he argued, “unfortunately this is a fantasy of self
What Humans Have That Machines Don’t
How a theology of personhood cuts against the mechanical metaphors we use to describe ourselves.
Known for his mystical practice of Christianity, Williams considers how silence aids our “growing humanity.” We are tempted by a fantasy of domesticating whatever is wild and
When Great Writers Wrestle with Faith
Why have so many modern novelists and poets chased after (and fled from) God?
For instance, in a chapter comparing CS Lewis and Philip Pullman, the agnostic author of the fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials, he describes one of Pullman's characters, Lyra Coulter
Christianity Today’s 2019 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.
common experiences that teens face—shifting relationships with parents, the desire to become socially active, and the yearning for connection—into this almost dystopian fantasy.
The Best Books Are Companions, Teachers, and Hope-Givers
A conversation on reading with an avid reader, “Book Girl” Sarah Clarkson.
Packed with book lists in categories ranging from theology to children's books to fantasy novels, Book Girl makes the case for reading as a pathway to delight, spiritual formation, and
Jesus Is Lord. Period.Subscriber Access Only
We’re rendering unto Caesar too much time and attention.
Back in the day, the evangelical fantasy went something like this: As you get settled into your airplane seat, you casually remove your Bible from your carry-on.
Gandalf on the Quad
What The Lord of the Rings can teach Christian leaders in higher education (and elsewhere).
Though Ryken could have looked to the nonfiction of Lewis for advice and inspiration, he turned instead to The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien's epic fantasy trilogy, a work that not only
Babies Need Their Moms. But Moms Need Paid Leave.
“Conservatives love my family-first message, but you have to pay for that message,” says researcher.
In our day, we go into our 20s and 30s with a fantasy, an illusion about what it means to be a youthful person and have a perfect life, and we go into it thinking we can have everything all
Christianity Today’s 2018 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.
It is an enchanting, imaginative work of fantasy that touches on important truths but is not meant to be read literally or for some straightforward moral message.
In 'Spider-Man: Homecoming,' Greatness Starts with Becoming a Servant
Peter Parker has finally entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe—but he can't join the Avengers until he practices the heroic discipline of humility.
responsibility. Newer Marvel stories occupy amazing fantasy settings (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) or offer up wish-fulfillment glamour (Iron Man).
The Calling | 38 min
For Andrew Peterson, Creating Art Means Facing His Fear of Being Known
The singer-songwriter and author reflects on a long career of finding holy hope in the face of self-doubt.
of followers, there are plenty of people who buy and stream his albums, and last year he successfully Kickstarted the pilot for an animated adaptation of his fantasy novel series, The
‘Justice League’ Unites Its Heroes to Save an Erratic, Uneven World
DC’s answer to the MCU wants to show that surrounding darkness can only strengthen heroic light. It only kind of succeeds.
names. For Christians who enjoy fantasy, however, films like this can also serve as part of the training—even discipleship—of our biblical imaginations.
‘Blade Runner 2049’ Finds Hope Within Its Bleak Dystopia
Denis Villeneuve's ambitious sequel is a life-affirming spectacle of noir and neon.
Their future, though uncertain, is not one devoid of hope. Even in the midst of technological fantasy and dystopia, there are still people searching for meaning and truth.
Alan Jacobs: Hating Your Neighbor Will Make You DumbSubscriber Access Only
How tribalism and culture-warring have ravaged our ability to think.
This might sound like the stuff of medieval fantasy, but a quick glance at our culture confirms that habits of magical thinking are stubbornly persistent.
Imagining a Better Marriage Actually Improved Mine
Rather than living in ongoing resentment, I sensed God calling me to refocus.
it's something that is eventually replaced by the necessity of engaging with the “real world.” But the way we understand imagination should not be so hastily equated merely with fantasy.
A Nelson Mandela Inspired FantasySubscriber Access Only
What if evangelical leaders were to imitate the great South African—Yikes!
A Nelson Mandela Inspired Fantasy. What if evangelical leaders were to imitate the great South African—Yikes! Evangelical Dream. Now for the fantasy.
Why Evangelism Requires Both Logic and Loveliness
An apologist argues that beauty and imagination are key to faith formation.
Years later, as an atheist and graduate student, I wrote my doctoral dissertation on fantasy novels and had JRR Tolkien's great essay “On Fairy-stories”—with its powerful statement of
Our Need for Friendly GiantsSubscriber Access Only
How 'The BFG' rekindles our dream of the divine.
compass needle toward truth. And both came to mind as I watched Steven Spielberg's delightful new fantasy for families: The BFG. Coming to home
The Streaming RoundupSubscriber Access Only
Frozen, Star Trek, and fantasy football FTW.
The Streaming Roundup. Frozen, Star Trek, and fantasy football FTW. Rebecca Calhoun| September 6, 2014. Karl Urban and Chris Pine in 'Star Trek Into Darkness'.
Top Story March 19, 2019
Religious Freedom Isn’t Just for Christians
Religious Freedom Isn’t Just for Christians
A Supreme Court cruelty reveals how we can love our neighbors.
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