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One-on-One with João Mordomo on Brazil, the Gospel, and Business as Mission
“It is not uncommon to find Brazilian missionaries in far-flung places, including among unreached people groups.”
The issue network itself began to gain significant traction after the Forum, and Mats but through evangelistic and church planting ministries, Bible translation, the Jesus Film and more
Christians at Sundance
Artist reports from 2017 Sundance Film Festival
This past Sundance Film Festival, I enjoyed reuniting with the Windrider Forum. The Windrider Forum donned its twelfth year at the Sundance Film Festival.
On the Film Festival TrailSubscriber Access Only
The surprising Christian energy—and partnership—in the world of Sundance and True/False.
(Some of them do.) Did I like Spotlight? (Yes!). The Windrider Forum is not the only parallel event at Sundance looking to connect faith with film. I was
Sundance Diary - Day 6: 'Don Verdean' and 'Digging for Fire'Subscriber Access Only
Greeting all the groups exploring religion and film, and a movie about marriage.
Overbay, whom I interviewed earlier this year for CT after the release of his wonderful film As It Is In Heaven. I didn't get to see my friends from the Windrider Forum, unfortunately, and I
Why True Crime Is Making a ComebackSubscriber Access Only
We have all been Jinxed and Serialed.
the public sphere and society at large,” argued Charles Musser, who teaches film and media Serial ushered a stale case into the public forum, eventually leading the Maryland Court of
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five ArmiesSubscriber Access Only
In which myth becomes a mess.
Spend a few minutes on any Tolkien-related chat forum and you'll bump into people The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies film enacts this moral ambiguity in dramatic, powerful ways
Meet the Women ApologistsSubscriber Access Only
Apologetics has long been a bastion of men—until now.
“Our discussion of the film led to the question “Women bring a deep relational intelligence to apologetics,” says Kelly Monroe Kullberg, founder of the Veritas Forum, a university-based
Humbled Hustler
After years of making my own luck, my life was interrupted by the power of prayer.
One would think winning a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) award or being working for the Evangelical Alliance–UK, where I lead the South Asian Forum team to
The Missionary India Never ForgotSubscriber Access Only
In just 13 years and a grand total of 250 converts, Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg changed the course of modern missions.
Sarah Hinlicky Wilson is Assistant Research Professor at the Institute for Ecumenical Research in Strasbourg, France, and the editor of Lutheran Forum.
Sundance 2012: A Call to Look AgainSubscriber Access Only
After 18 movies in 4 days, our reporter shares the best of the fest with CT readers.
Muse), who not only attend Sundance annually and welcome the conversation, but hosted a post-film discussion with Bishop Robinson and director Macky Alston in a community forum.
How Creative Business Blesses a City
Phoenix native Aaron Klusman's fast-paced career is a model for Christian entrepreneurs nationwide.
The Camelback Society provides a forum for young businessmen to explore how God has uniquely Klusman helped to facilitate a $15 million investment in a Hollywood film company.
50 Women You Should Know Subscriber Access Only
We asked key leaders which Christian women are most profoundly shaping the evangelical church and North American society. This is who they picked.
Hamilton's story has been the subject of many books and a 2011 film, Soul Surfer. Also: Carolyn Custis James President of the Whitby Forum and founder of Synergy Women's Network
Connecting ChristSubscriber Access Only
How to discuss Jesus in a world of diverse paths.
Putting Evangelism on Hold | Will the Global Faith Forum's "evangelistic model" of engaging Muslims and Jews catch on? (November 16, 2010). CT also has more books, film, and music
Taste and See That Seattle Is Good—Especially at Christmastime
The bounties of the earth and the best of human creativity direct me to the Maker of all.
Today, there is a community forum to discuss handling urban wildlife efficiently and humanely. She and her husband, novelist and film critic Jeffrey Overstreet, reside in Shoreline
Readers WriteSubscriber Access Only
Readers respond to the September issue.
22% How I Have Changed Since 9/11 CT Forum. 19% Battle for the Bible Translation CT Editorial. Readers' Pick. A new film claims youth groups harm families and go against Scripture.
What Is the Stay-at-Home Daughters Movement?Subscriber Access Only
What the branch of the Christian Patriarchy Movement believes about family and young women.
sisters well represent their comrades when they list their interests as "film making, orchestral Vision Forum Ministries states that "men are called to public spheres of dominion beyond
Wilberforce Amazes; Film Forum Moves OnSubscriber Access Only
In Film Forum's final week at CT Movies, Jeffrey Overstreet reflects on the column's seven-year run. Plus: Wilberforce's testimony dazzles us in Amazing Grace, but The Astronaut Farmer, The Number 23, and Reno 911: Miami are disappointing.
In Film Forum's final week at CT Movies, Jeffrey Overstreet reflects on the column's seven-year run. Plus disappointing. Wilberforce Amazes; Film Forum Moves On.
Film Forum BonusSubscriber Access Only
Flickerings 2004: An ambitious dialogue about provocative film
Film Forum Bonus. Flickerings Equality. Other Christian film critics whose work is regularly excerpted here in Film Forum will be present to introduce some of the films.
The Abolitionists' ScandalSubscriber Access Only
William Wilberforce and the Clapham Sect founded Sierra Leone, then tolerated a form of slavery there, a new book reveals.
No doubt most of those at the Trinity Forum gathering—from political advocacy organizations, aid of increased attention to Wilberforce, marked by the release of the film Amazing Grace
Avatar and the Gospel According to JamesSubscriber Access Only
NYT says it's 'capitalistic excess wrapped around a deeply felt religious message'
Douthat goes on to call the film "a long apologia for pantheism" that merely reflects the results found in a recent Pew Forum report – that "many self-professed Christians hold beliefs
Top Story April 24, 2019
Theology of the Future
Theology of the Future
Bible scholars, theologians, and philosophers used to work together. N.T. Wright believes they need to do so again.
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