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Secrets of Effective GivingSubscriber Access Only
Here's when and how you can best help the poor.
Bruce Wydick| November 27, 2017. Image: Stuart Fisher. Ryan Loofbourrow is a recognized leader in the urban poverty field, a homelessness guru. He
Why a Christian Approach to Fighting Homelessness Pays Off
Study: Ministries saved taxpayers $119 million in 11 cities by offering both housing and healing.
Research. Why a Christian Approach to Fighting Homelessness Pays Off. Study: Ministries saved taxpayers $119 million in 11 cities by offering both housing and healing.
Healing Victims of Human Trafficking: A Long, Slow Road to Transformation
When we give our lives to the service of others, THEY will change US.
If she doesn't acquiesce to the demands of the trafficker, the repercussions are unthinkable: extreme violence, homelessness, mental abuse, forced substance abuse, threats to harm
Jen Pollock Michel: God Is a Homemaker Who Does 'Women's Work'Subscriber Access Only
And other thoughts on the biblical and theological significance of home.
A. J. Swoboda, author of The Dusty Ones: Why Wandering Deepens Your Faith, spoke with Michel about our “spiritual homelessness” and the God who prepares a place for us (John 14
Race in America: Pushing Forward on the Heels of the 'Voiceless'
Co-founder and director of the Voices Project and college pastor at Kilns College
Leroy Barber has dedicated more than 25 years to eradicating poverty, confronting homelessness, restoring local neighborhoods, healing racism, and living what Dr. King called “the
What Tommy Taught Me
Our church’s walk with a homeless man marked us indelibly.
The smell of alcohol and homelessness surrounded him. Having walked with some friends from homelessness to holistic sufficiency, I asked others about Tommy.
God Turns Up In All the Wrong Places at Christmas
It’s easy to miss how strange God’s ‘perfect timing’ is in the nativity story.
If we thought homelessness was bad, now he is deemed an enemy of the state and Herod's death squads are combing the streets for him, committing mass infanticide as they go.
The Mainliner Who Made Me More EvangelicalSubscriber Access Only
How Frederick Buechner changed the course of Russell Moore's life.
“Knowing that even though we see only through a glass darkly, even though lots of things happen—wars and peacemaking, hunger and homelessness—joy is knowing, even for a
‘Home Again’ Fails to Challenge Shallow Notions of ‘Home’
Hallie Meyers-Shyer's directorial debut reveals just how dissatisfying good fortune can be.
Leaving college. Roommates. Divorce. Finding ourselves living a different life than we planned. All can be triggers for a sense of homelessness. Home
Gleanings: October 2017Subscriber Access Only
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our October issue).
in this final season of my journey.” That will include teaching a weekly Bible study where community members can ask questions, helping to address homelessness, and forming
Joel Hunter Is Done Pastoring His Orlando Megachurch
(UPDATED) Obama’s spiritual adviser explains why his gifts are at 'their highest potential' but his call to local churches like Northland is ‘fulfilled.’
Bible study where community members can ask questions; helping the Community Resource Network unite people and churches to address the problem of homelessness; and forming
Open Your Home to the Homeless, Even When It Makes You Uncomfortable
Welcoming the stranger carries real risks. But hospitality is a New Testament expectation.
The guy's pastor, his boss, and the director of the shelter had all spoken well of the man (and the shelter director had seen the entire spectrum of homelessness).
Cohousing: The New American Family
How alternative forms of living are changing communities, challenging the church, and keeping millennials in the fold.
This small act snowballed into a weekly dinner where upwards of 15 teens—many of whom have endured homelessness, abuse, hunger, and sexual assault—stop in to eat, hug, read
Beth Moore: I Found God in ‘Deep Valleys and Difficulties’
The best-selling author and speaker talks about her past and her first-ever work of fiction.
One of the insights I hope readers have at the end of the novel is that there truly is no “John Doe.” My life has intersected with homelessness, and the book presents a view into that
Hillsong Church at a Glance
What is Hillsong Church like, beyond the music that just about everyone sings?
the top 20 needs in Australia. This includes drug abuse, human trafficking, homelessness, health care, and suicide. The church is making people aware
How to Date When You’re Almost Middle-Aged
As I close in on 40, I’m learning how to live without marriage (even as I desire it).
commandments. Her daughter balks at said “stallion of romance,” but Lady Susan thinks he could give Frederica long-term safety from homelessness and hunger.
What It's Like to Be a Black, Female Pastor in the South
Nicole Massie Martin shares about her unique vocation.
at Gordon-Conwell, and volunteers as the faith-based representative on the Housing Advisory Board of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, which works to end and prevent homelessness as well
Mission Fields on the Move
The massive global migration we see today presents unparalleled opportunities for ministry.
sensitivity. Churches need to provide funding and volunteers to respond to the massive flow of humans who face hunger, homelessness, and marginalization.
On the Ground in Ferguson
Beauty, lament, and sitting together at the foot of the cross.
Leroy Barber is an ordained Christian minister who has dedicated more than 25 years to eradicating poverty, confronting homelessness, restoring local neighborhoods, healing racism
Melinda Gates: ‘I’m Living Out My Faith in Action’Subscriber Access Only
One of the wealthiest and most controversial women in the world believes that all lives have equal value. She’s willing to spend $3.6 billion a year to prove her point.
I will give you one example, and we have many. We were part of a group that was trying to end homelessness in the Pacific Northwest—a phenomenal goal.
Top Story April 23, 2018
Willow Creek Will Investigate New Allegations Against Bill Hybels
Willow Creek Promises Investigation Amid New Allegations Against Bill Hybels
“We are sorry,” elder board says as more women claim misconduct.
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