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We Need an Independent Investigation of Sovereign Grace Ministries
Allegations of child sexual abuse and staff cover-up continue to swirl. Let’s set an example for all churches to follow, bringing healing to victims and churches alike.
But Denhollander argues that the resulting Thaler-Liebeler report: was conducted by a firm and an attorney with no known or recorded experience in criminal law or investigative work.
Bill Hybels Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Former Willow Creek Leaders
John and Nancy Ortberg, others confront megachurch with its own #MeToo moment. “The charges against me are false,” says Hybels of former friends’ “collusion.”
The report has not been released. that they believe Bill does not deserve to finish his ministry tenure at Willow well, despite the thorough and conscientious investigative process that
Missionary Donn Ketcham Abused 18 Children. Here’s Why He Wasn’t Stopped.
(UPDATED) After Bangladesh MKs speak out, ABWE releases final report on past problems and future protections.
after two years of investigation, ABWE fired GRACE, alleging “a myriad of investigative flaws.” Pii victims and former ABWE missionaries declined to interview with Pii,” the report stated.
Our Hospitality Mandate (Part Two)
What Does an Authentic Christian Reception of Syrian Refugees to the United States Look Like?
In contrast to the narratives that demonize refugees, a 5-year-old report on the Vetted refugees are screened over a two-year period across three investigative agencies: the Federal
Protecting Children From Sexual Abuse: My Interview with the Assistant District Attorney of Charlotte, NC
My sister-in-law, Kelly Stetzer, shares important information about child abuse and what churches need to know.
assigned to an ICAC Task Force or affiliate agency for making a significant investigative or program including North Carolina where Kelly practices, it is a crime not to report child abuse
Why Torture Is a Complete FailureSubscriber Access Only
Former war crimes prosecutor: Legally, morally, and practically, ‘enhanced interrogation’ does not work.
After returning to active duty in 2008, I ran into enormous investigative aberrations: cases that could I was not surprised that the recent Senate report found that torture failed to result in
The Surprisingly Positive Legacy of the Kermit Gosnell Case
How the worst of the abortion industry brought out the best of pro-life advocacy.
reasonable person—pro-life or pro-choice—could read the grand jury report and not the story gained traction—thanks in no small part to Powers' investigative journalism— mainstream
Loving Our Pro-Choice Neighbors in Word and DeedSubscriber Access Only
What we say about abortion matters, even if we act peacefully.
and actions of Planned Parenthood officials isn't yellow journalism; it's investigative reporting. perpetrated against abortion providers peaked, according to figures in a report by NARAL
No GRACE in Sexual Abuse Investigation of Missionary KidsSubscriber Access Only
Reviewing decades-old abuse allegations isn't simple, as firing by Baptist missions agency shows.
transparent investigation.". Beckett said ABWE desires transparency and will release PII's final investigative report when it is completed. Nita Zelenak
Church Clubs Expelled from University of Arizona Religious CouncilSubscriber Access Only
Update: Faith Christian Church has resigned from ECFA.
Update: Faith Christian Church has resigned from ECFA.
Meet the Filmmaker Exposing Planned ParenthoodSubscriber Access Only
How a 26-year-old founded the undercover operation to take down the abortion giant.
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In Mark's report, there was not a lot of focus on the supplier—on the people who were we use are any more extreme than what is done every day by mainstream investigative journalists.
Died: John ‘Jack’ Templeton Jr., Foundation President Who Backed Science-Religion ResearchSubscriber Access Only
Leader died two days before $1.7 million Templeton Prize was awarded to Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arche communities.
He's basically an investigative person—one who never gives up when he doesn't have the According to one news report, Templeton and his wife contributed $1 million to the campaign
Is Harold Camping's Radio Empire Nearing Its Own Apocalypse?Subscriber Access Only
Investigation finds failed end-of-the-world prediction had major financial consequences for Family Radio network.
The numbers come from a thorough investigative report conducted by the Contra Costa Times, which also found that Family Radio took out a $30 million loan to cover operating costs in
Newspaper Alleges Abuse in Christian-Affiliated Children's HomesSubscriber Access Only
Tampa Bay Times investigation reveals "165 allegations of abuse and neglect" in Florida.
children's home subjecting children to "punishment and isolation that verge on torture — so long as they quote chapter and verse to justify it," according to an investigative report by the
Morning Roundup 1/20/15
Almost Lost the Bible; Persecuted Christians; Bock on the Bible
world facing possible dire consequences for merely practicing their religion, according to the report. So Misunderstood It's a Sin,” by Kurt Eichenwald, a former investigative reporter for
Meet the Christian Reporter Climbing the Ladder at The New York TimesSubscriber Access Only
How faith informs the award-winning work of Michael Luo.
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addressed our blind spot on religion in a number of ways in a final report . . . Your recent investigative stories have focused on problems and loopholes with existing gun regulations and
Christian Cries for Justice Can Save Women of All FaithsSubscriber Access Only
Our call to rally against persecution extends beyond the church.
In fact, a recent report by the World Health Organization estimates that one-third of all Yet, despite a myriad of errors in the investigative process, and accusations that her confession
Second Coming Christ Controversy Update: LifeWay Won't Sell to OlivetSubscriber Access Only
Decision comes after report from National Association of Evangelicals on school's founder, David Jang.
"LifeWay Christian Resources has reviewed the report from the National Christianity Today published two major investigative reports on Olivet founder David Jang and his movement.
Missionary Group Fires Sex Abuse InvestigatorSubscriber Access Only
ABWE says inquiry was 'fatally flawed;' GRACE says group 'unwilling to have itself investigated' without control.
But according to ABWE chairman Larry Green, "Flaws in [GRACE's] investigative process that were we believe this would have been obvious to everyone who read our final report.".
Bob Jones University Investigates Sex Abuse Allegations and Its Own ResponseSubscriber Access Only
(Updated) University partners with GRACE to identify if it 'failed to adequately respond to sexual abuse disclosures.'
of the investigative process and to cooperate fully with the GRACE Investigative Team. Bob Jones University/Academy has also agreed that GRACE will publish its Final Report to the
Top Story August 16, 2018
Richard Stearns: ‘Every Day Is a Celebration’
Richard Stearns: ‘Every Day Is a Celebration’
After 20 years of tackling the “hole in our gospel,” World Vision's most recent president is fine retiring from World Vision with some tasks unfinished.
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