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The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, 10 Years LaterSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Luther's loo located, the end of Urbana in Urbana, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Peter Armenian Church for its youth-based programs (News-Press, Glendale, Ca.); The cloistered among us | Who lives in Israel's many monasteries and convents, why did they choose
How the Kingdom ComesSubscriber Access Only
The church becomes countercultural by sinking its roots ever deeper into God's heavenly gifts.
29). At the same time, he prophesied a new city, an everlasting empire, as the true homeland that would surpass anything Israel had experienced in Canaan.
The Shroud's Second ImageSubscriber Access Only
New evidence reopens debate about the controversial relic.
Pollen from plants native to Turkey and Israel turned up on pieces of sticky tape that the late Swiss criminologist Max Frei had pressed onto the shroud.
Apology Crusaders to Enter IsraelSubscriber Access Only
Apology Crusaders to Enter Israel. By Tomas Dixon.| April 5, 1999. As the Reconciliation Walk enters Israel in April, hopes are that it will have an impact on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Kristof—'When the Right Is Right'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Civil unions to proceed in California, the battle for Christmas continues, and more articles from online sources around the world.
Yuletide observances shift into neutral | Beverly Hills elementary school students pretended to travel around the world to show how holidays are celebrated in China, Israel and Mexico.
Gatecrashing for JesusSubscriber Access Only
Brother Andrew discusses ministry in the Middle East.
Why are we not there? We're telling them, "You're not part [of the Body of Christ]. You'll be chased out by Israel anyway very soon." And they probably will.
War's CheerleaderSubscriber Access Only
The Wall Street Journal
Today's Top Five. 1. Looking for an extreme voice on Israel? It's John Hagee time! Andrew Higgins describes the scene at last week's Christians United for Israel rally in DC:
Worshiping Like Pagans?Subscriber Access Only
How much did Christians borrow from Greek and Roman religions?
Like their forebears in ancient Israel, the early Christians observed special days and seasons, adapting such from Judaism and then Greek and Roman culture.
Bethlehem Prepares for Dour ChristmasSubscriber Access Only
"Tons more on Christmas, the lies of Da Vinci, State Department's religious freedom report, Christian video games, and hundreds of stories from online sources around the world"
In addition, Israel barred Yasser Arafat from attending any celebrations in the city after a Christian delegation invited him. More articles: Christians and Israel:
Preparing for PilgrimsSubscriber Access Only
Religious rivalry complicates millennial planning.
While Israel is pulling out all the stops in preparation for an inundation of pilgrims to mark the beginning of the third millennium of Christianity, a dispute in one of the cities where it all
The Chosen People PuzzleSubscriber Access Only
When it comes to relating to the Jewish people, should we dialogue, cooperate, or evangelize?
The church is, after all, in an important sense "the new Israel." I have been especially taken with the imagery employed in the First Epistle of Peter. Searching out 'Israel'.
Reading Baylor's Tea Leaves on Faith-Learning IntegrationSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Jane Roberts' abortion views aren't so easily discerned either, gay Housewives, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Divestment: Religious radicals | Mainline churches launch a policy to punish Israel (Eugene Kontorovich, The Wall Street Journal); Should churches divest?
Black Pentecostal Leaders Off to Vatican to Learn about Christian TraditionSubscriber Access Only
Weblog: Black Pentecostal Leaders Off to Vatican to Learn About Christian Tradition
based Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation is launching a campaign to convince Protestant and Catholic Americans that Christianity is disappearing from Israel as Palestinian
Pro-Israel vs. Pro-PalestineSubscriber Access Only
A rabbi hopes for a better conversation.
Pro-Israel vs. Pro-Palestine. Professor Jones expressed the view of many who have come to see the failings of the State of Israel in theological terms.
Jerusalem as Jesus Views ItSubscriber Access Only
disharmony. Israelis insist that Jerusalem should remain the unified and eternal capital of Israel under the absolute sovereignty of Israel. Palestinians
Why I Apologized to Planned ParenthoodSubscriber Access Only
My difficult unplanned pregnancy impelled me to show a little more grace.
Reconciliation Walk: Apology Crusaders to Enter Israel | Since 1996, evangelicals from the United States and Europe have participated in the Reconciliation Walk to the Middle East in
The Peace RegressSubscriber Access Only
What's behind the current outbreak of hostilities in the Holy Land?
Contracting Parties to the Geneva Convention balked at an attempt to convene an international conference to deal specifically with their responsibility toward Israel's continuing violation
Easter Recast: 97 Percent Chance Jesus Rose from the DeadSubscriber Access Only
The church as minipolis, and other stories from online sources around the world
Easter Recast: 97 Percent Chance Jesus Rose from the Dead. The church as minipolis, and other stories from online sources around the world. Ted Olsen| May 1, 2002.
Israeli Decision to Halt Work on Nazareth Mosque Faces ChallengeSubscriber Access Only
Government officials reportedly favor plan for a larger mosque at an alternative site
"We know how to struggle." He said the decision amounted to a "declaration of war" on Muslims in Israel. Members of the Waqf, the Islamic Trust which
Afghanistan, Land of OpportunitySubscriber Access Only
Missionaries shot over Peru aren't suing government, priest's dog kidnaped, and other stories from around the world
(Nat Hentoff, The Washington Times). Israel: Their faith lives beyond religion | Leaders join together amid the chaos in Israel (The Jerusalem Post); Group
Top Story March 26, 2019
Lessons from Evangelicalism’s PR Guru
Lessons from Evangelicalism’s PR Guru
Mark DeMoss represented Christian organizations through highs and lows, but we’re all tasked with representing Christ.
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