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Ticket to Paradise?Subscriber Access Only
Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad's new film—fictional, but true to life—follows the journey of two young suicide bombers. What motivates them? Abu-Assad says it may be more than meets the eye.
Now, opening in limited release on November 11, is the fictional but true-to-life story of two young Palestinians who ask to be sent together on a suicide-bombing mission in Israel.
Stunning New Evidence that Jesus LivedSubscriber Access Only
Scholars link first-century bone box to James, brother of Jesus.
Gordon Govier| October 1, 2002. Pilgrims who travel to Israel to walk where Jesus walked may soon have something new to connect them with the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.
Missional MisstepSubscriber Access Only
Emphasizing the big gospel can make it hard to communicate any gospel.
Any new convert therefore must first understand the biblical story of God's mission in and for the world, from Israel all the way to the Second Coming, in order to even know what it might
From the Archives: Extracts from Two Sermons by EdwardsSubscriber Access Only
and so are aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and have done nothing ever since they have lived, but treasure up wrath against the day of wrath?
Israel: Christians Protest Proposed Anti-missionary LegislationSubscriber Access Only
Israel: Christians Protest Proposed Anti-missionary Legislation. by sensitive. "We don't want this issue to generate another bout of Israel-bashing," he says.
Motive Still Unclear in Deadly Mo. Church ShootingSubscriber Access Only
Plus: What's next after Taliban release of two Korean hostages, Catholic bishop suggests calling God Allah, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Plus: What's next after Taliban release of two Korean hostages, Catholic bishop suggests calling God Allah, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Islam, U.S.A.Subscriber Access Only
Are Christians prepared for Muslims in the mainstream?
They cited Israel's "illegal occupation and annexation" of Jerusalem, saying Disney ignored the city's significance to Islam. "Since Disney has elected
Back to Plan BSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Who was Seattle's shooter? Greg Boyd's politics, Mel Gibson's anti-Semitism, and other stories from online sources around the world.
2. What did Naveed Haq believe and when did he believe it? "Naveed Haq, now widely portrayed as a Muslim American so angry at Israel that he shot up a Jewish charity in Seattle
The War of the Scrolls, Part 3Subscriber Access Only
Fifty years after the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, evangelical scholars are using them to demonstrate the reliability of the Scriptures.
the gospel accounts over the years has come from scholars discounting the Jewish context of gospel portraits of Jesus and denying that Jesus understood himself to be Israel's Messiah.
Glocal Church MinistrySubscriber Access Only
Bob Roberts has an idea that may change American congregations, if not the world.
That's a fun thing to say when things are going good. But when the church is going in the crapper, when you've got First Baptist of Israel in the middle of the desert, you want out of there.
A Very Unmerry Christmas in BethlehemSubscriber Access Only
Two injured in British abbey attack, and more information comes to light about the Yemen missionary killings
A Very Unmerry Christmas in Bethlehem. Two injured in British abbey attack, and more information comes to light about the Yemen missionary killings. Ted Olsen| January 1, 2003.
Pilgrims' Mixed ProgressSubscriber Access Only
At least UCC's 'Jesus is Lord' resolution encourages evangelicals.
While the 1.3 million member liberal denomination passed controversial resolutions endorsing homosexual marriage and supporting divestment of funds involving Israel, it also passed
LettersSubscriber Access Only
reactions to our editorial on the death penalty, "The Lesson of Karla Faye Tucker" (April 6), followed by Timothy Weber's article about "How Evangelicals Became Israel's Best Friend
BOOKS: Jesus B. C.Subscriber Access Only
"Jesus and Israel: One Covenant or Two?" by Or do some promises concerning Israel still await precisely the fulfillment that the authors of the Old Testament seem to have intended?
John Paul II's "Canonization Cannon"Subscriber Access Only
Why and how this pope has made over 470 saints.
intimately. The pope agreed and honored this "daughter of Israel" with sainthood in 1998. But this pope has made some highly controversial decisions too.
Is Evangelism Possible Without Targeting?Subscriber Access Only
The founder of Jews for Jesus responds to Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
Yet if it were up to the rabbis, no Jews would have a chance to hear the Gospel of Israel's Messiah preached to them.Basically, Rabbi Eckstein is appealing to what John Cuddihy calls
The Importance of Knowing What's ImportantSubscriber Access Only
Being a counterculture for the common good begins with what we choose to focus on--and to overlook.
Some of us gravitate toward David and the other "good kings" in Israel's history, who fought for theocratic power amidst the threat of godless foreigners and the decay of a formerly
The Marriage MysterySubscriber Access Only
The Hebrew word for "cleave" at Genesis 2:24 may suggest the making of a sacred covenant, for this is the same term used of Israel's maintaining her covenant relationship with
Hajj, Feasts, and PilgrimageSubscriber Access Only
Why Muslims, Jews, and Christians still yearn for their holy places.
in Saudi Arabia reported last year that over 250,000 Muslim pilgrims had already completed their hajj to Mecca and Medina by early March, Pope John Paul II's visit to Israel in 2000
Arts: The Word Became ArtSubscriber Access Only
In 1980 she made the first of four visits to Israel and immersed herself in ancient Israelite culture, archaeology, geology, and ritual— admitting she is "always the student, but never a
Making America Hospitable for Religious Outsiders
Making America Hospitable for Religious Outsiders
Muslims (and other minorities) shouldn’t have to elevate national ideals above faith commitments before gaining a seat at the table of citizenship.
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