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The Focused Leader: Keeping the Mission as the Ultimate Goal
Missional leaders must cultivate biblically-shaped leadership and the gospel-structured mission.
We need to approach leadership with Christ-like humility and pursue the noble labor of gospel ministry. As a result, the mission is expanding across the world to this day.
God in Suffering: Our Response to Too Many School Shootings
God hasn't left our students or abandoned our nation's education system
One day, his promise is that all the evil surrounding us should come to a final end. But until then, we labor knowing that we serve a God who plans to serve suffering its final death
Getting Small Churches on Mission (Part 4)
More ways small churches can serve their communities
And church members who commit a little bit of time each day to make their dreams It takes commitment, patience, and an attitude of service to labor together towards an achievable goal.
List of Pastors' Retreats and Getaways
Here are some free or discounted retreat opportunities for pastors.
Alaska. Uncle Jimmy's Cabin Sterling, AK (free to pastors and ministers between Labor Day (Sep.) to Memorial Day (May). Sleeps 4.) Call David and Joyce at 907-420-7470. Arizona.
Walking in Obedience to the Promptings of God’s Spirit and His Command to Love: Lessons from Burning Man
Many of the people at Burning Man are searching for something to satisfy them spiritually
Burning Man is an annual festival that draws over 70,000 people to the desert of Black Rock City, Nevada, during the week leading up to Labor Day.
Your Best Years Are Not Behind You
God needs willing workers, not necessarily young ones.
best years, it turns out, are based on our godly purpose—and our willingness to labor for the Growing up black in his proud household meant we were up at dawn every day, making our
Why Girls Need Camp
Christian camp can be a powerful, confidence-building experience for girls.
Over Labor Day weekend, I was in Miami with my youngest daughter. She keeps in touch with a number of friends she met at a camp she attended, so we met some for lunch.
The Problem of Suicide: How is the Church Caring for those Impacted?
A church without the broken is a broken church.
Instead of sitting back and waiting for the day to come when they're no longer around, it's save everyone, but we can still trust that God will honor the faithfulness of our labor and that the
Cover Story: Mending Men’s MinistrySubscriber Access Only
How to disciple in an era of male floundering.
Redding and Whitmire started a new workout of their own on New Year's Day of 2011 completion, women in their 20s are increasingly out-earning their male peers, the labor market is
How Can We Cultivate a Sense of ‘Belonging’ in Our Gospel Witness?
Belonging is one of the great longings of the human soul.
A friend shared with me how her mentor introduced her as “the fruit of her labor.” While the mentor Think back over your day and ask God to show you times when you were prejudicial
Taking the Measure of Trump Country
A writer and a scholar attempt sympathetic portrayals of the president’s rural supporters, but their sympathy only extends so far.
Laboring up to the very day of his premature death, cancer-causing coal was so embedded in his last days in pain, never stopping to enjoy the fruit of so much labor, Phillips measures
Rest in Your Labor
Rest in Your Labor. Hannah Anderson. @sometimesalight Facebook. Today's Verse. Or does an ever-present sense of failure loom over you before you even begin your day?
Lord, Save Me from My Side Hustle
Hard work is a virtue. But Scripture warns of its vice.
Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Rather, he's reminding us that the zeal with which we pursue Christ—day in and day out—will always be our greatest
Healing Victims of Human Trafficking: A Long, Slow Road to Transformation
When we give our lives to the service of others, THEY will change US.
heard or know anything about human trafficking, then you've heard the term “modern-day slavery.” And women, boys and girls all over the globe are being forced into both labor and sex
Churches No Longer Face Overtime Pay Increase
Does mandated time-and-a-half help or hurt ministries? Experts weigh in.
Does mandated time-and-a-half help or hurt ministries? Experts weigh in.
Waiting Outside an Abortion Clinic Years Ago Was Worth It
The mother of an almost-aborted baby reached out with this letter about her son.
of course, even as we wait, that many of the returns on our investments—whether of time, money, teaching, love, or labor—will never be I was alone, there to start a two-day procedure.
Missions Sunday: Hermeneutics for Healthy Churches, Part Two
Training in biblical interpretation should be an integral part of every missions strategy.
He wrote in 1 Thessalonians 3:5 that such a result would mean “our labor would be in Study the Target Culture For missionaries, this process starts the day they arrive on the field, and
The Christian Case for Trump’s Meeting with Kim Jong-un
The President should go through with his talks—for the sake of three Americans and millions of North Koreans.
After violent interrogations, prisoners in labor camps continue to face physical and emotional torment. They work 12-hour shifts, receive a few hundred grams of food a day, and are not
The World’s Biggest Trafficking Problem Remains in the BackgroundSubscriber Access Only
How Christians in Cambodia are drawing attention to labor trafficking and the quiet power of prevention.
the broad category of labor trafficking. It happens on a massive scale around Cambodia; some recent studies estimate a quarter million Cambodians are victims of modern-day slavery.
Gleanings: November 2017Subscriber Access Only
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our November issue).
Just before Labor Day, a federal judge struck down a US Department of Labor mandate that full-time, salaried workers—including church and parachurch staff—who earn up to $47,476
Top Story May 23, 2018
Paige Patterson Out After Southwestern Trustees Vote
Paige Patterson Out After Southwestern Trustees Vote
Decision follows Southern Baptist leader’s apology to women for past comments.
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