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Lessons from Evangelicalism’s PR GuruSubscriber Access Only
Mark DeMoss represented Christian organizations through highs and lows, but we’re all tasked with representing Christ.
What your church bathrooms look like can affect my opinion of your church as much as your In other words, everything matters— especially if we call ourselves followers of Christ.
Preoccupied with Love: One-on-One with Colin Smith on Nominal Christianity
“I have found the story of the thief on the cross profoundly helpful in challenging this assumption...that entrance into everlasting joy depends on living a good enough life.”
than here in the US Church attendance has dropped dramatically but, in my opinion, church health in Tell me about what a gospel for nominal Christians looks like and why it matters.
Infanticide Debate Reflects a New Era for Abortion Politics
As states push for pro-choice protections, Christians have a growing obligation to defend the lives of babies born as “burdens.”
But context matters, and we can let them go into God's hands only by showing honor and Speaking Out is Christianity Today's guest opinion column and (unlike an editorial) does not
Questions that Awaken a Leader’s Life
Four questions to help guide us into resurrection life.
no longer important that I appear righteous before you or have your good opinion, and I creating space which allows us to put our energy and emphasis on what matters most, clearing
Brits’ Top Response to Theology Questions? ‘Don’t Know’
Uncertainty and heresy are common in the UK, but evangelicals stand out for fidelity to orthodoxy.
Uncertainty and heresy are common in the UK, but evangelicals stand out for fidelity to orthodoxy.
The News Won’t Set You Free (Even If It’s ‘Christian’)
How round-the-clock headlines distort our focus on eternity.
Our faith is indeed involved in the realm of public opinion, the discussion used to put the news into its This makes a contrast with the rest of our media, which specializes in such matters.
What the Kavanaugh Saga Says About Our View of Sin
Our political loyalties often prevent us from thinking biblically about the human condition.
The court of public opinion has issued similar verdicts. As Christians, we affirm that character matters, and the way we handle accusations matters, too.
Who Counts? How to Rightly Divide American ChristianitySubscriber Access Only
The academy's debate over black church differences is more than a numbers game.
Episcopal church, you'd get classified as “black Protestant.” But race matters in reltrad Many public opinion polls break out evangelical Protestants by asking, “Do you consider yourself
After Baptism Gone Wrong, Court Weakens Church Protections
Oklahoma Supreme Court says membership matters most in tortured ex-Muslim’s lawsuit.
dismissed, reasoning that secular courts don't have jurisdiction over ecclesiastical matters like theology by the person to be governed by the church,” their opinion continued [emphasis
Can You Hear Me Now?
In an age when most are rushing to have their say, Christians can love by giving others a hearing.
I remember having a discussion around faith matters years ago with an intelligent person. for fails to acknowledge the real complexity of what makes up a person's opinion and line of
The Female Martyrs’ #MeToo Message
What happened when early Christian women took a stand.
Opinion | Discipleship. The Female Martyrs' #MeToo Message. Justice matters, yes—but not because “you deserve it.” Rather, justice matters because you are a child of God.
Four-Star General: Military More Cautious About Faith
General Roger Brady (USAF, Ret.) thinks soldiers are becoming more religious but the armed forces are more uncertain about religious expression.
framed by their oath of service, the Constitution, military guidelines, public opinion, and their own there's a statement that commanders should be officially neutral on matters of religion.
Who Is My Digital Neighbor?Subscriber Access Only
A Christian call to reject polarizing public discourse.
As this game turns the majority viewpoint into the “will of the people,” securing the majority position—whether in elections or movements of social opinionmatters a great deal.
Pakistan Frees Asia Bibi from Blasphemy Death Sentence
Jailed Christian mother acquitted by Supreme Court after eight years. Violent protests erupt in major cities.
Jailed Christian mother acquitted by Supreme Court after eight years. Violent protests erupt in major cities.
Half of Pastors Approve of Trump’s Job Performance
Survey of US Protestant church leaders parses support for the President by church size, denomination, ethnicity, and age.
is no lack of data on President Trump, but many were still hesitant to give an opinion. evangelical research firm that specializes in surveys about faith in culture and matters that affect
Dumbed Down? Why Reading the Bible Is so Elusive—Yet so Vitally Important
Three reasons we need to engage Scripture both intentionally and frequently
In our modern age of moral relativism—where right and wrong are matters of mere opinion—having something that's inspired by God and thus true across historical contexts changes
Evangelism Is a Work of Social Justice
How critics can help us keep such social ministries vibrant.
we are wont to make definitive and sweeping pronouncements on social or political matters, we're This world is reality; the world beyond it is a matter of personal opinion or speculation.
Our Favorite Heresies of 2018: Experts Weigh In
Scholars explain what is most discouraging and encouraging about Ligonier theology survey that found 3 out of 4 US evangelicals are “Arians.”
I suspect they were trying to indicate a high opinion of him, and responding largely in terms of that's what the Bible teaches, and apply it to life so people can see why theology matters.
The Healing of Willow Creek
Misguided loyalty harmed this historic congregation. True loyalty can redeem it.
Many are of the opinion—me included—that he is guilty. The choice of the organization to investigate, as well as its work, are certainly matters to keep in prayer.
Much Ado About Gender Roles
Feeling lost in the discussions about biblical gender roles? Start here.
Believers who affirm the authority of God's Word for matters of faith and practice differ in their We all have an opinion, but as followers of Christ we live under the authority of the Word of
Top Story March 18, 2019
How Should Christians Respond to Christchurch Mosque Massacre?
How Should Christians Respond to Christchurch Mosque Massacre?
Eleven evangelical experts weigh in as death toll of New Zealand Muslims hits 50.
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