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Show Them the Money: Gospel for Asia Faces Class Action over Christmas CatalogsSubscriber Access Only
Lawsuit reflects the complexity of making giving to missions more tangible.
that the defendant—Gospel for Asia (GFA), one of America's largest missions agencies—was And anyway, the ministry stated, the “100-percent guarantee” that the money would be
‘We Have Unreached People Groups Right Here’
An interview with SEND International’s first female head on missions efforts in our own backyard and abroad.
brand-new Christian when she attended InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's global missions conference Urbana the first female US director of SEND International, a ministry that equips
Training Inmates for Ministry Inside Maximum Security Prisons
Not unlike closed mission fields, this population needs acculturated ministers.
many of the skills required to reach their fellow citizens, lacking only the training in gospel ministry. He proposed five ways of contextualizing Christian missions in a way that is vital and
HQ Trivial?Subscriber Access Only
Ministries find a central hub is less and less essential to taking the gospel global.
International University (WCIU) were also saying goodbye to the traditional notion of a single headquarters for their global ministry— instead adapting, like many missions groups have
Gordon-Conwell Appoints Acclaimed Fuller Missiologist as Next President
Scott Sunquist will be the third global missions expert leading a top seminary.
Gleanings. Gordon-Conwell Appoints Acclaimed Fuller Missiologist as Next President. Scott Sunquist will be the third global missions expert leading a top seminary.
J. D. Greear Transformed His Church Through Missions. Can He Do the Same for the Southern Baptist Convention?Subscriber Access Only
The SBC presidential candidate wants to rejuvenate his denomination through missions.
in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)—steward its national influence so that its effective ministry in Raleigh-Durham can inspire other churches to take missions seriously in their
Europe’s Big Mission Field: Nominals
How do you persuade someone who already thinks they’re a Christian to become one?
Evangelism that aims at the non-practicing is not terribly different than evangelism focused on atheists, he said. But missions aimed at the non-practicing are rarely programmatic.
One-on-One with Tom Lin on InterVarsity’s 2030 Calling
"Longing for revival, we catalyze movements that call every corner of every campus to follow Jesus."
have God-given strengths and distinctives that we don't, and ministry on campus an evangelical student movement in Mongolia, and directed the Urbana Student Missions Conference.
Ralph Winter’s Missions Campus Secures a Buyer
Pasadena property of former US Center for World Mission will become an international boarding school, pending a final sale next year.
Ralph Winter's Missions Campus Secures a Buyer. of alumni and supporters, including a group called Save the Campus which considers the sale a violation of Winter's ministry vision to
Nicaraguan Unrest Squashes Summer Missions
Church teams cancel trips as protests limit access and security.
Church teams cancel trips as protests limit access and security.
Died: David Hesselgrave, Scholar Who Made Missions Cross-Cultural
The Evangelical Missiological Society founder changed how we think of contextualizing the gospel.
radio ministry in Japanese alongside Japanese leaders. He returned to teach at TEDS starting in 1965 and until his retirement in 1991, spending 14 years as chairman of the missions
One-on-One with Jana Magruder on Engaging Kids in a Lifetime of Faith
What are the top five things parents need to do to raise children in the Christian faith?
that even if we don't dedicate a 'missions hour' each week like some of us grew up going to (and some still do), we can incorporate missional living in all we do. Ministry leaders can help
Look Outside America for Fresh Insight on American EvangelicalsSubscriber Access Only
Melani McAlister’s new history aims to capture what the familiar political story leaves out.
I'm describing feelings of emotional connection, investment, and even solidarity with Africa that are cultivated by short-term missions or requests for donations from international charities
He Gave Christian Researchers $100 Million. Now His Legacy Lives on Through Their Work.
Longtime Lilly Endowment executive Robert Wood Lynn died this month at 93.
Fellow evangelicals often preferred to give directly to missions or churches, rather than the writers, researchers, and survey-makers studying the effectiveness of missions and churches.
Why Ralph Winter’s Missions Mobilizer Is Up for Sale
Shift in global evangelism prompts downsizing of US Center for World Mission’s famous Pasadena property—but not all alumni are ready to say goodbye.
Shift in global evangelism prompts downsizing of US Center for World Mission's famous Pasadena property—but not all alumni are ready to say goodbye.
The Difference A Metaphor Makes: Men & Women Working Together
Unearthing and critiquing the guiding metaphor about women is one of the most important leadership tasks in our era.
In all my years of ministry, I have yet to meet one woman leading in God's mission who a single woman - but that doesn't really work when you look at leadership positions in missions.
Immigrants Are Reshaping American MissionsSubscriber Access Only
Latino congregations are launching their own international partnerships to support ministries and churches in their homelands.
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Ministry efforts of first-generation immigrant churches generally fit into the category Wan labels “missions by the diaspora,” just one slice of the broader trend.
The ‘Whole’ in Our GospelSubscriber Access Only
Has "holistic mission" won the missiological battle? Its champions say so, but their boast might be premature.
they pivoted to “integral mission.” Tizon, executive director of Serve Globally (the international-ministries arm of the Evangelical Covenant Church) and a missions professor at North
Renewing Your Church: Resetting, Refocusing, Restructuring
Red Hills Southern Baptist Church in Enoch, UT, wasn’t ever going to be a traditional revitalization.
Make Disciples: Discipleship, Evangelism, and Missions. re still working through this, but our guiding principle is to move decision-making authority closer to each ministry area through
Cambodia Lets Anti-Trafficking Ministry Stay After Controversial News Report
Government rescinds threat to shut down a US-based evangelical charity.
Government rescinds threat to shut down a US-based evangelical charity.
Paradise Fire Burned Most Church Buildings, But ‘the Church Is Still Alive’
Paradise Fire Burned Most Church Buildings, But ‘the Church Is Still Alive’
California pastor opens up about the most difficult sermon of his career—and the prospects for resurrecting ministry from the ashes.
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